Taec-yeon tweeted health updates

Taec-yeon tweeted health updates

25 May – After announcing that he will continue to perform for their Japan tour despite sustaining an accidental fracture in his left arm last week, fans who are anxious to know about 2PM's Taec-yeon's condition need wait no more as the rapper has recently updated his personal Twitter account and revealed his current condition.

According to Korea.com, on 22 May, Taec-yeon assured fans of his condition with a message saying, "The surgery was successful and I am leaving the hospital in five days. In the meantime, JJ's new song came out; news about Woo-young's solo venture is out."

The star also stated that it is a bit overwhelming for him to travel but he is preparing himself to a fresh start.

As a recap, on 16 May, the singer fractured his left arm while arm wrestling with his fellow members in Japan and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He then underwent surgery on 17 May and was advised to be hospitalised for at least three days and let his cast remain for three to four weeks.

However, despite his arm cast, Taec-yeon will be joining the group to continue their concert tour in Japan.