Get your ‘taho’ fix at these places in Metro Cebu on World Tofu Day

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Filipinos love their dessert and nothing is as famous and heatwarmingly sweet as taho. Made out of tofu bits in brown sugar syrup, this classic Filipino treat is a delicacy that’s enjoyed by everyone from all ages. Taho uses silken tofu, which is more crumbly and easily melts in your mouth. Ingredients like tofu are perfect for vegans because it has a creamy texture that is usually found in milk.

Taho is a classic delicacy in the Philippines that never gets old. It’s even a favorite among those who have dairy issues, which means everyone gets to enjoy the brown syrupy goodness it offers. This delicacy is usually sold by taho vendors who roam around the streets of the city early in the morning. This makes it a familiar cultural image among Filipinos, who run out carrying their own cups and patiently wait for manong to fill them up with taho.

The selling of taho has changed drastically over the years. Taho stalls and other taho establishments have started popping up in malls and food parks. There are several places where Cebuanos can get a hold of their all-time favorite dessert, and here are some of them that you should definitely visit today, World Tofu Day:

House of Taho

Your taste buds are going to be in a whole new adventure once you try some of the different flavors that they have for you. You want to try strawberry, pandan, chocolate, and ube flavored taho then this place has it all! House of Taho is ready to serve you in various major shopping malls: SM City Cebu and SM City Consolacion.


Try a taho with a twist with TAHOtally! If you are wondering about a mango float flavored taho, you don’t have to imagine any longer because this place totally has got you covered. Catch them in Sugbo Mercado located in Cebu IT Park and enjoy the yummy goodness that they offer.

Taho Goodness Cebu

Expand your taste buds and have them soar to the heavens as you try the unique and yummy flavors found in Taho Goodness. Its ube cheesy goodness and mouth watering soy matcha is something that you should try right now! Taho Goodness is located in J&L Complex, Lapu-Lapu City.

The Filipinos’ love has never ceased to waver ever since. This sweet dessert will continue to satisfy sweet cravings for generations to come, as it has been for the past years.

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