‘It Takes guts to be a Gutierrez’ on the E! channel

Desperate for love? We heard from a source that this “actress” has trained her eyes on a handsome provincial politico, exerting effort for them to be “closer” via text, asking him to accompany her to some places. But, according to the source, the politico doesn’t share her feelings. He’s just being friendly. Poor, little rich girl, indeed. • Sunshine Cruz will be transferring to a new house in the South very soon along with her children. The actress wanted to be closer to her mom and her sisters. She has also been making arrangements for the transfer of her three girls to a school nearby. She maintains that estranged husband Cesar Montano, who lives in the North, is free to see the kids anytime he wants, but they can’t spend the night with him without her permission. • • • [caption id="attachment_107473" align="aligncenter" width="504"] THE GUTIERREZES is the first Asian family to have a reality TV show on E![/caption] The Gutierrezes, local showbiz’s most controversial family, bounces back as the very first Asian family to be featured in a reality show called “It Takes Guts To Be A Gutierrez” on E! to air later this year. The grand press conference happened last Thursday in Makati, graced by the Gutierrez core team: Patriarch Eddie Gutierrez, matriarch Annabelle Rama, twins Richard and Raymond, and Ruffa. The family never thought that they will be featured in an international show. They all describe it as a dream-come-true and they are extremely happy for the opportunity. Negotiations for the show, jointly produced by One Mega Group’s TV100 and the Gutierrezes, started five months ago but was kept under tight wraps. The Gutierrez matriarch stole the spotlight at the conference with her self-deprecating punch lines. She confessed that the hardest part about the show, at least for her, was trying to speak in straight English. “Alam niyo naman na Tagalog ako magsalita, ‘Day! Kaya nga sabi ko sa kanila, reality TV naman ito, kaya magsasalita na lang ako ng Taglish. Gusto ko maintindihan din naman ako ng mga fans,” she said. It works to Tita Annabelle’s advantage that there is no set script for the show. “’Yan kasi ang reason kung bakit hindi ako sumikat bilang artista. Hindi ko talaga kaya na mayrong script. Hindi ko talaga makabisa ang mga linya. Dito sa show, basta wala akong script. Kung si Ruffa may script, siya na lang mag-isa. Basta ako wala,” she said. Tita Annabelle is also happy to be able to use her jewelry collection for the show. “Nakatago lang mga alahas ko sa cabinet. Hindi naman kasi ako artista kaya hindi ko maisuot. Buti ngayon, maisusuot ko na. Iba-iba ang gagamitin ko araw-araw,” she maintained. Ruffa disclosed that future episodes of the show will include a cruise vacation involving the entire family. Raymond confirmed this, saying that the rest of their family, including his other brothers Elvis, Ritchie Paul, and Rocky, will be joining the cruise.Tito Eddie mentioned that his grandchildren with Ruffa, Lorin and Venice, will also be with them. Richard’s girlfriend, Sarah Lahbati, will also be part of the cruise episodes of the show. Whether or not a new grandchild will be joining them in the cruise, Tita Annabelle said, “Abangan na lang ninyo.” “It Takes Guts To Be A Gutierrez” is part of E!’s commitment to shine a spotlight on local Asian personalities and celebrities. Show director is Michael Carandang, Business Unit Head of One Mega Group’s TV100. “It Takes Guts To Be A Gutierrez” will air on E! SkyCable Ch. 57, Cignal Ch. 25, and Cablelink Ch. 33. • • • Marian’s Domesticated Nature Revealed In New Endorsement Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc., makers of brand new Sof & mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, couldn’t have chosen a better endorser than Marian Rivera. A very domesticated kind of lady, Marian doesn’t have a housemaid or a laundry woman to do household chores for her. It may seem unbelievable, but Marian is consistent about it. “Ako po talaga ang gumagawa ng mga gawain sa loob ng bahay ko. Ako po ang naglalaba ng mga damit ko. Naniniwala po kasi ako na ang babae dapat marunong siyang magtrabaho sa bahay at mag-alaga ng kanyang mga gamit na pansarili,” she said. The actress reiterated it during the recent press conference, saying that being brand ambassador of Sof & mmmmm makes her very happy because she knows it will be good for her clothes. The people behind Personal Collection calls the partnership with Marian, the perfect combination as, “Marian clearly personifies the product’s beauty, sophistication and premium fragrance.” Marian said, “Nakakatuwa naman po na sabihan kang palagi kang mabango at mukhang mabango.”