A tale of two tortas

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There’s a torta shop in Catmon, Cebu simply called Torta og uban pa, offering not just one kind of torta, but two tortas. The lady behind this enterprise is Annelise Caguitla, who recounted that her mother, Armida, used to have a bakeshop called Binggy’s Bakeshop.

Growing up, Annelise would help her mother when she baked her specialty torta. Her mother baked only on order and Annelise found it a pity that those who would want to buy her mother’s torta by the piece or several pieces could not be accommodated because her mother would bake the tortas only by the batch.

In college, Annelise took up management in UP Cebu but torta and pastries were always in her mind. After graduation, she took a two-year culinary course at ICAAC (International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu), interned in the United States for a year and then worked on a cruise ship for another year, after which she quit as she had enough money to open her own bakeshop.

She opened Torta og uban pa, making two kinds of tortas, the one her mother used to bake, and the other from the recipe of her father’s mother.

Her mother’s torta, she revealed, comes from a cake recipe of Annelise’s grandaunt which her mother tweaked into what is now the signature torta of her bakeshop and which uses the whole egg. The other torta is from the recipe of her paternal grandmother from Talamban, which uses only egg yolks and which tastes more like the traditional torta of Cebu.

Aside from tortas, the shop also has oatmeal cookies, real tablea cookies, toasted pastillas and cake bars in various flavors like mango, pineapple and ube. She also has leche flan and even halo-halo. Freshly baked bread like cinnamon rolls, ube, pineapple and chocolate rolls are available only on weekends.

Special cakes are available on order: wedding cakes, birthday cakes, graduation cakes and other cakes for any other occasion. Annelise will gladly accept the order and make sure her client will be satisfied with the taste and looks of the ordered cake.

Torta og uban pa is located on 679 National Highway, Catmon, with tortas and other baked goodies neatly boxed or plastic-packed, and ready to go.

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