Talisay barangay okays ‘personal hygiene’ ordinance for e-bike drivers

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THE local government of Pooc in Talisay City has approved an ordinance that will require e-bike drivers to follow hygiene procedures such as taking a bath and applying deodorants on their armpit.

Violators, especially those emitting foul smell in their underarm, will pay a fine of P100 for the first offense, P200 for the second offense and P1,000 for third offense.

They will also face the risk of having their e-bikes confiscated and brought to the barangay hall if they continue to ignore the order despite several warnings.

Pooc Barangay Captain Osmundo Manreal Jr. said in an interview with SunStar Cebu that even though there is no national law regulating the use of e-bikes, they give importance to the e-bike drivers for them to become presentable to the public.

He also said that the ordinance also aims to regulate e-bike riders in their barangay.

"That's why we created an ordinance so that we can control and guide the drivers who are dirty, addicts," Manreal said.

Manreal said they organized a public hearing last month to tackle the proposed ordinance and they have not received any objection from the 110 e-bike drivers who attended the meeting.

"No, no one objected because for them this is also for their good," Manreal added.

In the meantime, Barangay Pooc has begun registering all e-bike drivers in the city.

Only those 110 e-bikers who attended the meeting have so far registered.

The riders underwent drug test prior to the registration.

The ordinance will be implemented based on the complaints of passengers and against those who will be caught wearing inappropriate shirts by the barangay tanods.

"Those who dressed like lago! The tanods will check them up if they are not under the influence of liquor, and if the drivers will be found violating, they will be taken to the barangay," added Manreal.

When asked about their opinion, e-bike drivers Tommy Dela Torre, Jude Maneja, Didelbert Rico and RR Fernandez unanimously agreed on the ordinance, while Alexis Begoncillo opposed.

Rhoda Bejoc, an e-bike passenger from Barangay Biasong, said she is in favor of the ordinance.

The ordinance is set to be implemented next month. (BBT, TPT)