Talisay boy with cancer needs help

THE Talisay City Government in Cebu has extended its helping hand to the fundraising campaign for an eight-year-old boy who is fighting cancer.

Resh Nathan Formentera needs to undergo three chemotherapy sessions to help him heal from acute lymphoblastic leukemia—a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. He was diagnosed with the disease when he was three years old.

Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. did not hesitate to help the fundraising efforts of Formentera’s parents, who are selling cups worth P300 each.

The local executive and other City Hall employees bought cups. Formentera’s family dubbed its fundraising campaign “A Cup of Hope.”

Aside from giving an undisclosed amount to the family, Gullas also allowed the cups to be sold at the City Hall, and his office would accept financial donations for the boy.

The mayor posted his meeting with the boy and his parents on his social media page.

He said the boy’s mother, Sheila, reached out to him on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019; she asked him to help them promote their cups.

Gullas did not hesitate as the boy needs urgent help.

“Last Dec. 1, I celebrated my 35th birthday. I’m just glad that I reached my current age as a happy and healthy person,” he said.

Gullas said not all persons are fortunate to have a healthy body.

“While some kids his age are out studying and playing to their heart’s content, Resh is on his bed—sickly and pale, ” he said.

Formentera’s treatment could have ended last August. However, his illness returned, and this time his central nervous system has been affected by the disease.

Gullas also tasked the City Social Welfare Services to assist the Formentera family.

“Aside from the chemotherapy sessions, Resh has to undergo intratical aspiration for his spine. When I first saw him, it truly broke my heart that Resh had to undergo all of these at a very young age,” Gullas said.

To keep hope alive, the public is encouraged by the City to buy the cups at the City Hall or donate directly to the family.

For interested buyers, the City’s information Office can be accessed through its official Facebook page (City of Talisay Public Information Office) and cell phone number (0933-506-2412). Formentera’s mother, Sheila, can also be contacted through her cell phone (0932-376-6463). (FMD, RSR)