Talisay City mulls ordinance vs fake social media post

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THE Talisay City Council is now planning to create an ordinance ‌in its effort to go after netizens who would post fake information online about kidnapping, among others.

When asked by the media after their regular session on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, about his reaction on the issue, Councilor Gail Restauro said they are now discussing the possibility of coming up with an ordinance following recent social media posts involving the alleged kidnapping of two individuals in the city that created panic among the public.

The reports turned out to be a hoax.

"Ato sa nang tun-an noh kay dili ta ganahan nga maka-encroach sa atong freedom of expression, although ang social media makatabang man gyud siya sa pag-disseminate og information," said Restauro, chairman of the City Council's Peace and Order and Public Safety committee.

(We will study this first so as not to encroach on one's freedom of expression, although social media plays a great role in disseminating information).

Restauro said the purpose of the ordinance that he wanted to propose is to set the guidelines on how to post information on social media without causing anxiety to the readers.

"Social media will affect sa kadaghanan gud although atong intention is pagsugpo sa mga attempted kidnapping, pero ato lang gyud e verify siguro sa pulis, coordinate ta sa pulis before mo post ta sa social media," said Restauro.

(Social media will affect the majority, although our intention is to stop the attempted kidnappings, but we must verify with the police, coordinate with them before we post on social media).

Restauro is also open to forming a task force that will be managed by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to go after those responsible in posting fake messages, but he added that this will be up to the PNP to decide since they have the expertise to handle the matter.

"Ato lang siguro na ihatag sa pulis ang effort kon angayan naba mag himo og task force. Kampante hinoon ta sa pagpatuman sa peace and order sa dakbayan," said Restauro.

(We should probably give the police the effort to decide if it's appropriate to create a task force, but we are confident on how peace and order have been enforced in the city.)

Meanwhile, the Talisay City police expressed willingness to support Restauro's proposed ordinance once approved.

The Talisay City police are still studying steps to be taken against the person who posted on social media about a kidnapping incident in Talisay that turned out to be unverified and not true. (BBT, TPT)