Talisay City tallies over 2,000 road accidents in 2022

MORE than 2,000 road accidents were recorded in Talisay City in 2022.

City of Talisay Traffic Operations and Development Authority (CT-TODA) head Jonathan Tumulak said in an interview with SunStar Cebu that 1,626 of the total number of vehicular accidents, which is 2,334, have not yet been solved and are still being investigated by the traffic police.

These road accidents involved dump trucks, tankers, motorcycles, and private cars.

"Pero mas daghan ang nadawat namo nga alarma nga nag-involved og motorcycles," Tumulak said.

(But we received more alarms involving motorcycles).

Based on the records of CT-TODA, there were 500 motorcycles and 598 private vehicles, and another 627 motorcycles and 726 private vehicles were involved in road mishaps in Cebu South Coastal Road and N. Bacalso Avenue, respectively.

"Matawag nato ug reckless unya human error unya sayop nga judgement sa ilang pag-drayb maoy sagad nga hinungdan," Tumulak said.

(Most road accidents were caused by reckless driving, human errors, and wrong judgment while driving).

Tumulak called for a meeting with the CT-TODA traffic personnel last week to discuss how to lessen or prevent road traffic accidents.

During their meeting, Tumulak said he ordered his men to conduct a massive operation to apprehend traffic violators.

But he said he did not give his men a quota and instead monitored the number of apprehensions that they made every day.

Tumulak explained that his aim is not to increase revenue collection but to minimize traffic violations.

"Like for example katong akong gi-mention kaganiha nga reckless kusog magpadagan human mokalit lang ug gawas sa iyang linya unya mo-beat sa atong traffic light imbes nga mohunong. Lain pang hinungdan like for example mga truck nga adto moagi sa agianan sa mga motor," Tumulak said.

(Like for example those reckless drivers that I’ve mentioned who suddenly go out of their assigned lane and worst, they beat the traffic lights instead of stopping. Another example is trucks that use the motorcycle lane). (BBT/TPT)