Talisay councilor drafts ordinance for smooth distribution of cash aid

TALISAY City Councilor Marc Arthur Bas has drafted an ordinance for the smooth distribution of cash aid to victims of disasters and calamities such as landslide, flood and fire.

The proposal specifies what aid the City will give, who are the beneficiaries, the date and place of doleouts and what methods to be done in order to have an orderly distribution.

"Draft ordinances are guidelines for those who need help, we will include them in the calendar of the next session, these are just guidelines as to what they (beneficiaries) can avail, how and when they can avail," said Bas.

This ordinance will also determine the aid that will be given to the beneficiaries.

It will also help city social workers to give assistance to those who have asked for help in an appropriate way. (BBT, TPT)