Talisay councilor wants single-use plastics banned

SINGLE-USE plastics may soon be banned in Talisay City in selected days.

Talisay City Councilor Alito Bacaltos submitted a proposed ordinance mandating a city-wide plastics ban before the City Council during their last regular session on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022.

Bacaltos, who chairs City Council’s committee on environment, said the proposed ordinance has already been approved on the first reading and has been submitted to the council’s committee on law for further analysis.

Based on his study, Bacaltos found out that the improper disposal of plastic waste is the main reason why many areas in Talisay get flooded during heavy rain.

“Sa akong pagtuon, kini man gud plastik dili ni basta-basta madugta. Mao sab ni hinungdan nga mag-clog up ang kanal hangtud nga mobaha,” Bacaltos said.

(In my study, plastics don’t just decompose. This causes the drainage to clog up until it floods).

Once the ordinance is approved on the third and final reading, Bacaltos said they would then conduct an information dissemination program throughout the city regarding the ban on plastic bags and single-use plastics.

But Bacaltos said they don’t want to implement a total ban yet and proposed to implement a plastic ban twice a week, particularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Bacaltos said that in his proposed ordinance, he also provides penalties for individuals and even establishments who are caught violating the ordinance.

For individuals caught violating the single-use plastic ban, they will be required to pay fines depending on the gravity of the offense.

For first time offenders, they will be required to pay a P500 fine; P1,000 for second time offenders; and P1,500 for the third and subsequent offenses.

Bacaltos said that they will inform the Talisaynons about the penalty that will be imposed to violators.

For businesses caught violating the ordinance, they will also be required to pay a fine from P1,000 for the first offense to P5,000 for the third and final offense.

For businesses who continue to violate the ordinance, they will not only be fined but will have their business permit revoked, Bacaltos added.

Under the ordinance, business establishments and other stores as well as shoppers are encouraged to use eco-bags or other recyclable bags on the said days. (BBT / TPT)