Talisay intensifies sidewalk clearing operations

PERSONNEL of the Anti-Vending Task Force of Talisay City in Cebu have intensified the clearing of sidewalks of ambulant vendors, especially those whose structures are hampering the road and causing traffic.

Edwin Nierves, head of the task force, said they inspected some areas where ambulant vendors have built illegal structures, like stores or shelter, as they aim to clear the city’s sidewalk of these eyesores.

He said they have been talking to the vendors and explained to them their violations particularly of House Bill 504, also known as Sidewalks and Public Road Use Act, which states that sidewalks must be freed from obstructions to ensure smooth passage and vehicular flow.

Nierves said that on Monday, November 7, they asked one ambulant vendor to dismantle his store as it was obstructing the road. He said they went back to the area Tuesday and found the sidewalk already cleared.

He said they also informed some owners of other structures, including junk shops, in Barangay Lagtang to clear the sidewalks, noting that some of these junk shops have used a portion of the road as parking area.

Nierves called on residents of Talisay City to be mindful of the safety of motorists and voluntarily clear the sidewalks of any obstruction, and not wait for them to be notified of their violations.

He said the Anti-Vending Task Force aims to clear all sidewalks in the city to make them clean and beautiful to look at.

The City of Talisay-Traffic Operation Development Authority earlier identified at least 30 structures illegally occupying some sidewalks in the city. (BBT/LMY)