TAP Picks: 11 Best Birthday cakes in Manila

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Looking for the perfect birthday cake for your loved one’s party? Here are 11 of the best birthday cakes in Manila.

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  • 11 of the best birthday cakes in Manila

Birthdays, especially these days are a cause for celebration. Since there are not too many things that can be done to celebrate these days, the few that can be done should be done well, especially the birthday cake.

For birthdays, it’s usually the main attraction (well, aside from the birthday celebrant, of course), but even without an occasion, these cakes can make any day of the week a celebration! And really, we don’t need an excuse to have cake, right? So without further ado, here is our list of the best cakes in Manila perfect for any celebration, or whenever you’re just in need of a pick-me-upper.

Things you should look for in birthday cakes

“The only thing worse than not having cake on your birthday is having bad cake on your birthday.”

So what should you look for when ordering a birthday cake, or any cake for that matter?

The most important thing about any cake is TASTE! The flavor of the cake will always be subjective and dependent on one’s liking. Flavorings are usually personal preferences and differ from person to person.

What makes the quality of the cake though is all about the taste: usually there needs to be a balance of taste. It’s not enough that it’s sweet. There has to be another flavor there that balances the sweetness to make it more rich.

Of course, if you’re buying a cake for a birthday or to celebrate an occasion, the design has to be nice enough for the celebrant to appreciate it even more. Designs go from super elaborate to really simple or minimalist cakes that are all the rage these days.

In this list, we have tried to ensure that we covered all different kinds of flavors and designs (as well as the price range) to satisfy all cake eaters (and those who like to take pictures of their food).

11 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila


Sainte Anne Cakes Manila

Are you a fan of mangoes? Sainte Anne’s Mango shortcake is one of the best in the city. Their cakes, especially their mango cake, have been hailed by mango-lovers everywhere, thanks to them using all-natural and fresh ingredients and fruits. So tasty and delectable, anyone who loves mangoes will surely love this!

TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila
TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila

Sainte Anne Mango Cake (from their Instagram account)

Just head on their Instagram and send them a private message to order your cake today. They are able to deliver to most points in Metro Manila. The price is upon request.

Why you’ll love it

  • Natural ingredients

  • No artificial flavors and preservatives

  • Delivery is possible throughof any of the major movers

Chef Chele’s Kitchen

Who is a fan of the burnt cheesecake craze that took hold of the city last year? Well, here is the best. Chef Chele has already been making considerable strides in the culinary world in Manila. They have now made the wonderful Basque burnt cheesecake that everyone is talking about.

TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila
TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila

Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Photo from IG account

If you are a fan, click over to their Instagram and you can order through their order form that is placed there.

Why you’ll love it

  • There are two sizes to choose from: 8 1/2 inches – Php1,550.00
    6 1/2 inches – Php950.00

  • Texture is soft and gooey in the center, and made fresh every day

  • They can personalize your greeting card for whomever the cake is supposed to be for

The Flour Girl

Is your child (or you) a fan of unique cakes? Are they expecting something more custom-made in their cake for their birthday? Then click to see the wonderful, whimsical creations by The Four Girl. Tasty cakes, and for any occasion. They have monogram and pinata cakes (or smash cakes as it’s called) too, perfect for your kid’s birthday party!

TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila
TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila

Photo from IG account

Because it is customizable, the prices will be given per order. Check out her website as well by clicking here.

Why you’ll love it

  • Each cake is customizable and unique, perfect for themed parties

  • Want to do something fun and therapeutic? Check out their smash cakes, they look really cool!

  • There are cookies and other pastries that can be ordered for the party too!

Cupcakes By Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja have been around for quite some time and have become a pioneer in the dessert industry with their gorgeous and tasty cupcakes. They have now expanded to making tasty cakes! Moist in the middle and gorgeous to look at, these Cakes by Sonja are perfect if you want something that is more tried and tested.

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Photo from their IG account

Prices are dependent on the kind of cake that is ordered. Just send a DM through their Instagram, or call one of their stores here.

Why you’ll love it

  • You can customize your cakes

  • There are cupcakes you can order too, if you want smaller cakes rather than one big one

  • Their signature red velvet cupcake is made into a big CAKE version!


Okay, so you and your kid are chocolate lovers, but need to pull back on the carbs? Nono’s to the rescue! They are taking the city by storm with the Chocolate Oblivion cake – a flourless chocolate cake of your dreams! With a delectable gooey center, it is every chocolate lover’s dream, and perfect for a birthday party!

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Photo from their FB account

It is because of this chocolatey creation that it is named as one of the best birthday cakes in Manila!

Why you’ll love it

  • Light chocolate creamy goodness

  • Nono’s also has a range of comfort food to go with the cake

  • Delivery and pick up from their stores are available.

Little Butter

Do you love tiramisu with its creamy center and gooey outer layer? Well, Little Butter has come on the scene with their version of it and it is taking the city by storm. Apart from other more robust cakes in their repertoire, their tiramisu stands out as the star and why they are considered one best birthday cakes in Manila.

TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila
TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila

Photo from their IG account

Click on their Instagram account link to order.

Why you’ll love it

  • Light delectable taste, with a bit of a bite with the cookie center

  • They have other cakes and seasons specials as well

  • They deliver!

Swell Sweet Cake Labs

Are your kids big fans of anime or K-pop? Then this is the cake shop for you! This cake shop does a lot of customized cakes for anything you need, but they are known for their ability to print your favorite anime characters or k-pop stars on your cakes or other pastries.

TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila
TAP Picks: 7 Best Birthday Cakes In Manila

Photo from their FB page

Need fun giveaways for the party? Not only can they help you with the cake, but you can order cookies as well.

Why you’ll love it

  • K-pop and anime prints are their specialty

  • Can make personalized cookies for party giveaways

  • They can do sculpted cakes of your child’s favorite character!

Dimpy’s Kitchen

Love cake but also want ice cream? Well, if you’re really in a celebratory mood, why not both? Dimpy’s Frozen Brazo is just the perfect mix of a decadent meringue cake, paired with a melts-in-your-mouth custard ice cream.

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Image from Dimpy’s Facebook page

Why you’ll love it

  • They’re reasonable priced. A box of Frozen Brazo is priced at Php 850

  • They also offer other cakes (their decadent chocolate cake is also a bestseller) and pastries.

  • For those living in the south of Manila, you can pick up your order every Saturday in their Alabang branch.

Doughmestic PH

Would you rather give flowers or cake? Check out Doughmestic’s botanicakes and have yourself a delectable dessert with a super intricate flower arrangement – made of frosting! Perfect for garden-themed parties or any special occasion, their chocolate cake is super moist and chocolatey. The design looks too pretty to eat, but then again, the taste is also too delicious to go to waste.

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Image from Instragram @doughmesticph

Why you’ll love it

  • Each cake is custom-made according to your request and specifications, and no two cakes are the same

  • You can choose from chocolate, vanilla, or caramel for the cake

  • You can pick up your cake by courier.

Lorenzo’s Key Lime Pie

Not really into sweets? If you like a little bit of citrus flavor in your dessert, you’ll love the famous Lorenzo’s Key Lime Pie. It’s a sweet, tart, and creamy filling that sits on a graham-crust topped with whipped cream.

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Image from Lorenzo’s Instagram account

Why you’ll love it:

  • It’s perfect for non-traditional celebrants who prefer sour fruits to cake.

  • You can order it via Instagram, and they will deliver it anywhere in the Metro.

  • It’s quite affordable. A round 6-inch cake costs around Php850 (not including delivery fee)


Korean invasion made it to birthday cakes as well! If you’re looking for delicious cakes with hip, edgy designs, check out _Kaibakes. They specialize in Korean minimalist cakes and box cakes (4-inch round cakes). They can make a cake version of your favorite Kdrama or KPop icons or have their faces printed on the cake.

best birthday cakes in manila
best birthday cakes in manila

Image from Kai Bakes Instagram account

Why you’ll love it:

  • Their designs are so cute, you’ll surely impress your kids or guests

  • They’re quite affordable. A 6-inch round cake starts at Php750, while the box cakes start at Php250!

  • Ordering is easy. Just fill up the order form on their Instagram account or Facebook page, then the team will send a message to you regarding the design.

Here is to wishing your child have a great birthday and that you get the cake of their dreams!

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