TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy

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TAP VIP Mom Nadine Smith wears so many different hats! She is not only a mommy blogger and vlogger but is also a voice over talent as well as a professional event host. You may even have seen her hosting one or two of our live talks in recent months!

But who is she? Read on and find out about TAP VIP Mom Nadine Smith!

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Name: Nadine Smith


– Professional Event Host (I host all sorts of events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, digital / online livestreams, etc.)

– Professional Voice Over Talent (I lend my voice to various media such as TV and radio commercials, digital ads, corporate videos, etc.)

– Digital Content Creator (I am a blogger and I own the blog ScenesFromNadine.com, which is a motherhood and lifestyle blog. I also vlog occasionally on Youtube.)

What is the best part about being a mom?

The best part about being a mom is receiving unlimited cuddles and lots of love from my little girl. Whenever she says “I love you” or when she hugs me as she sleeps, those are the best rewards after a long and tiring day. Aside from these, one of the things I love being a mom is having the privilege of watching my child grow. When I witness her milestones and her lovable persona, I can’t help but be in awe of the little miracle in front of me.

TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy
TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy

Washing hands! Photo courtesy of Mom Nadine Smith’s Facebook page

What is the best thing about being a TAP VIP mom?

It’s nice to be a part of a supportive, loving, and positive community of moms. Even though I’ve already been a mom for 3 years, there are still a lot of things I need guidance on, and it’s just wonderful to have a mom tribe that I can reach out to.

As a content creator, being in a group with other mommy content creators like myself is also great because we get to support one another’s work, and even get to form friendships outside of work. TAP has also provided me with work opportunities as a host for their online events and as a content creator for some of their campaigns, so they have been such a blessing to me and my family as they helped me put food on the table.

What is your mommy superpower?

I think I have become pretty good at this motherhood juggling act. We don’t have a helper or a relative who is solely in charge of taking care of my daughter, so I had to rely on myself to get things done (with the help of my husband, of course). I have learned how to balance mom life, housework, and my career.

There were times when I had to bring my baby with me when I hosted events and breastfed her in between breaks. I once even breastfed her WHILE doing a live voice-over for an event or during a client meeting! And there were so many instances when she tagged along with me to my blogger events. People were wondering how I could carry a baby, a stroller, a carrier, and a baby bag all by myself, and all I could say was “We’re moms! We can do anything!”

TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy
TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy

Photo courtesy of Mom Nadine Smith’s Facebook page

What do you wish you had more of (time, sleep, etc)?

I wish I had more ‘me time’! And I absolutely love being a mom but I honestly really miss those days when I can just do anything I want, whenever I want. Also, I miss just doing nothing! Now, my life revolves around my family’s schedules and needs so having some personal time is a very rare luxury for me. I just try to squeeze in some passion projects and make a bit of time for my own interests and hobbies as much as I can because I really believe that you shouldn’t forget who you are and you shouldn’t stop doing the things you love just because you have family responsibilities.

What is your Christmas wish?

I think my Christmas wish is the same as everyone else’s: for the pandemic to be over! COVID has really taken away so much from us – opportunities, freedom, time with our loved ones – and I just really wish that we could get our normal lives back. I wish for this even more when I think about my child. She spent almost an entire year holed up at home, missing out on having the best childhood experiences because of the pandemic. I really just want her to enjoy her life as a kid and do what kids her age should be doing, like playing outdoors and making friends with other children.

What do you wish for yourself?

I would love to have more work opportunities so I can continue to provide for my child and give her the kind of life that she deserves and more. Of course, I also wish to have a long and healthy life. This is so I can have more time with my family and make more memories with them. I also wish that I could travel more with my family when the pandemic is over.

Can I add one more wish? Online shopping credits would be nice!

What is the one thing you would like your child to learn from you?

If there’s one thing I would like my child to learn from me, it’s for her to be fearless in pursuing her passions. I want her to be brave enough to take risks and do whatever makes her happy. I would like to empower her by giving her the confidence to believe that she is limitless. This is why we applaud and praise her for her achievements. Even if it’s something as simple as being able to name the colors, count to ten, or do a little dance, my husband and I always validate her and say things like “good job!” If our kids feel that we love and support them, they will grow up to be self-assured and successful adults.

Mom Nadine, what are your hopes for your child’s future?

My hope for my child’s future is simple, really. I just want her to be happy and healthy. I have a lot of dreams for her, but at the end of the day, her physical and emotional well-being matter most to me. And of course, I would want her to grow up to be a good person. If she grows up to be a polite young lady with a kind heart, I will be one proud mama! That would be my greatest accomplishment in life.

Best parenting advice you received and would like to share

The best parenting advice I’ve ever received is: Do what works for you. We all have different parenting styles, different values, and different lifestyles. Other parents’ experiences with their own children will not always be the same as yours. Each child is unique and other children will never be exactly like yours. Whenever someone tries to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do with my daughter, I just think: “My child, my rules.” We can’t please everyone so we have to trust our own judgment when it comes to raising our kids.


TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy
TAP VIP Mom: Nadine Smith, The Multi Tasking Mommy

Family photo. Photo courtesy of Mom Nadine Smith’s Facebook page

Best parenting hacks you’ve learned

1. Instead of giving kids ice cream, give them healthier frozen snacks. I make popsicles out of Yakult, Dutch Mill, or milk! It also takes her a long time to finish it so it keeps her quiet for a long time.

2. The bath tub is your best friend. When my baby is bored, I put her in the bath tub, prepare a bubble bath, and give her some bath toys to play with. She has so much fun that she wants to stay there for a long time!

3. Screen time is okay, but if you want to give your kid a break from the gadgets, put on some music instead. Just play some of her favorite nursery rhymes and she’s instantly entertained.

4. Keep things fresh by rotating toys. They get bored when they play with the same thing over and over again, so every week, I introduce a new toy or re-introduce an old, forgotten toy.

Best lesson you’ve learned from being a parent

The best lesson I’ve learned from being a parent is that we should really treasure every moment with our kids. My daughter just turned three recently, and I was in disbelief because it feels like I just blinked, and all of a sudden, my newborn transformed into a little lady! They really do grow up so fast so we really should cherish the time that we have with them. It’s hard to do that sometimes, especially when we need to deal with the tantrums, the crying spells, the constant mess, and the sleepless nights, but one day, our little ones won’t be so little anymore, and we will actually miss those things, so enjoy their ‘baby-ness’ because they won’t be babies forever!

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