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Back-to-school time is here and whether your kid is headed to a classroom or wading into the world of at-home learning, they're going to need some supplies. Luckily, Target is here to save the day, as they are pretty much every year, with some stellar deals on back-to-school stuff. Naturally, different schools have different requirements in place for what your child will need, but these basics should be applicable anywhere.

College Ruled 1 Subject Flexible Plastic Cover Spiral Notebook - $0.99 at Target

First thing's first, no matter where you are in the world there's probably a high chance that you're going to need a notebook for school. Sure, you could get some of those fancy schmancy notebooks that cost way more than they're worth, or you could save some cash and just pick up a few of these $0.99 notebooks right here. They come in 8 different colors and hold 70 sheets of college ruled paper (and don't worry, there are wide ruled options as well).

2 Pocket Plastic Folder with Prongs Orange - $0.50 (33% off) at Target

Next up, where are you going to store all of the notes you've just taken in your notebook once you've ripped them out to highlight them and study? Obviously, you're going to need a folder or two to store your stuff. Handouts, syllabuses, graded work and more will all feel much more at home in an organized folder. This folder is a basic two-pocket design and since it's currently on sale for 33% off, you can snag them by the bundle at only $0.50 a piece.

Avery 1" Clear Cover Heavy Duty Green Ring Binder - $5.29 at Target

Admittedly, it's been a little while since us old dogs here at Autoblog have seen the inside of a classroom, but assuming things haven't changed too much, teachers probably still absolutely love to give out way too many handouts. If your kid's teacher doesn't give them about 20 printed papers of extremely questionable long-term value every class period then consider yourself lucky. If they do, though, just punch some holes in those suckers and get them organized with these 3-ring binders. You can pick this one up for just $5.29 right here

Fiskars Kids' 5'' Blunt Tip Scissors - $1.49 (21% off) at Target

This one might be a little more situational, but depending on the grade your little one is headed into this year, they might need a decent pair of childproof scissors. This pair is as good as any, but the best part about it by far is the price. After the 21% discount, you can pick up this pair of scissors for only $1.49 right here.

BIC #2 Xtra Strong Mechanical Pencils, 0.9mm, 26ct - $4.29 (38% off) at Target

Here, we come to maybe the most essential back-to-school supply of all: the pencil. Sure, you could get a pack of boring, normal, wooden #2 pencils... But why? Mechanical pencils are superior in nearly every way. Not only are they stronger, less annoying to hold, and often have better eraser tips, but they also come in a variety of colors which to a kid is likely the most important feature of all. You can pick up this pack of 26 for 38% off, bringing the total price down to just $4.29. That's less than 17 cents per pencil!

Highlighters Narrow Chisel Tip Multicolor 12ct - $5.29 at Target

This is one of those tools that every kid probably should know how to use correctly, but not nearly enough actually do. Highlighters are great study tools when used properly, but unfortunately they're often either underutilized to the point of being completely forgotten about or overutilized to the point of being useless (how do you know what's really important if the entire page of notes is filled with highlighter?) If your child is the kind who loves to take advantage of the almighty highlighter, then first of all, congrats, you've probably got a pretty smart kid, second of all, this pack of 12 highlighters is available at Target right now for $5.29.

Kids' 2pk Shark Face Mask - Cat & Jack - $4.00 at Target

Last but certainly not least, if your kid is headed back to school in person, there very well may be a mask requirement for them. We all know how tricky it can be to get children to fully understand the risks of a worldwide pandemic and why they should wear a mask, but it can suddenly become a whole lot easier if the mask just simply has some cool, kid-friendly designs on it! This is just one design of several available on the Target website. If a child sees a mask with a design they really like, then it can quickly turn from something they have to wear to something they want to wear. You can grab masks by the two-pack on the Target website right now for only $4.00.

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