What tasty dishes remind you of Cebu?

Romayne Danielle Rivera

THERE’S always something so nostalgic about food. Whether it’s the aroma filling up the entire kitchen or the way complex yet harmonious flavors burst in your mouth as soon as you take that first bite, good food will always be one of the greatest and purest forms of love.

As people explore the world and other gastronomic dishes, there will always be that one dish that they hold close to their hearts, as this reminds them of home and perhaps, even Cebu. Check out these interesting answers from these Cebuanos now based outside of their home province.

“(Renna) Nothing beats Mandaue Market’s pork barbecue and puso (hanging rice) at Noy Jun’s stall. The barbecue is marinated with some not-so-secret sauce but undeniably, it’s still a blockbuster. The barbecue is neither burnt nor raw, just perfectly cooked, succulent pork barbecue! (Herchelle) I super miss eating ngohiong near USC Main with the burning hot sauce! Can I have the next flight to Cebu, please?” - Herchelle and Renna Rachel Go

“One of the food items that reminds me of Cebu would definitely be the puto (rice cake) and sikwate (hot cocoa). I would eat these in the early hours of the morning after a very long night shift. Next would be the steamed fried rice, quail egg siomai, plus spring rolls from Ding Qua Qua. These will always be on my top three food to eat when in Cebu. Last but not the least, is my all-time favorite lechon. One can never go wrong with lechon!” - Marie Inez Tirado

“Humba. We don’t get to eat this dish on a regular basis because pork here is expensive. I still remember how we’d be so happy every time our Lola visits us because she’d always ask my mom to cook humba. Now that I’m working abroad, in a Muslim country, I make sure that every time I come home to Cebu, I would always eat humba!” - Mary Grace T. Imperial

“Century Tuna Hot and Spicy with Tomatoes and Rice: I’ve been eating this little concoction of mine since my college days and I never get enough of it. This has been my comfort food; my hangover food; my there’s no food at home so I settled with this food. It’s so simple but it gets the job done.” - Stephanie Jereza

“For me and my family, no trip going to the south is complete without buying chicharon. Just thinking about it makes me drool and miss its crunchiness which is best paired with Pinakurat (brand of vinegar). Now in Australia, I have tried the local pork crackle but nothing beats the savory goodness of chicharon in Carcar.” - Shiela Marie Canales