Tavia denies dating Him Law

Tavia denies dating Him Law

8 Nov – When it was exposed that 32-year-old Tavia Yeung and 27-year-old Him Law were caught secretly meetig at a barbeque outing on Halloween, Tavia was quick to respond to the reporter present at the event according to a report by JayneStars' website.

Caught by the press on a barbeque outing with their friends, Tavia and Him appeared embarrassed.

Although Tavia had invited the reporter to sample the grilled food and spoke generously, she quickly uploaded a group photo of the barbeque outing, to pacify speculations about Him Law and herself having a private barbeque.

The rumors started when Tavia and Him Law had apparently started dating after starring in "On Call 36 Hours" together, upon which the pair denied such rumors.

Asked whether she was dating Him Law, Tavia claimed that she was only friends with Him. Asked whether there was further room for development, she hesitated before replying, "Love is destined by fate; I will let things run their natural course. I will place the greatest priority in my work instead!"

Him Law was evasive in response to the dating allegations, "There were frequent gatherings for the cast of "On Call 36 Hours". Earlier we watched a theatrical production together. This time, we met together for a barbeque outing; it is not as the media suggested the situation. Aside from us, there were other friends present."