Tax Notes: Cyrus vs. Miley Cyrus

·1 min read

Reuters reports that in 2014, American pop star Miley Cyrus applied with the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the registration of her name “MILEY CYRUS” as a trademark for audio and video discs, calendars, electronic board games, mobile phone cases, e-books and other products. A company called Cyrus Trademarks Ltd, which has a trademark registration for “CYRUS,” opposed the application. The EUIPO granted the opposition, ruling that there is no likelihood of confusion between “CYRUS” and “MILEY CYRUS.” Miley Cyrus appealed the decision and the EU Court of Justice recently held that she can register her name as a trademark. The court said that “MILEY CYRUS” refers to “a public figure of international reputation, known by most well-informed, reasonably observant and circumspect persons...”

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