Taylor Swift edges ahead of Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Country music singer Taylor Swift has overtaken reality TV star Kim Kardashian on microblogging site Twitter.Both stars are closing in on the 15 million followers milestone with 14.99 million fans and 14.93 million fans to their names respectively.

This week Kim Kardashian has been telling her fans to tune into her TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians while Taylor Swift has been tweeting cute photos of her craft projects and dress-up parties.

Twitter’s second most popular user, Justin Bieber, has hurdled past 23 million fans on Twitter and is keeping his followers entertained with tour updates and videos.

Justin Bieber and his fans have been counting down the days until June 11, when his single “As Long As You Love Me” hits the iTunes Store. In anticipation of the release he tweeted a link to a teaser for the song on YouTube.

Twitter’s Katy Perry and Sina Weibo’s Yao Chen have hurtled past 21 million fans. Yao Chen is the most followed microblogger on Sina Weibo, China’s alternative to Twitter, while Katy Perry ranks third on Twitter.

It’s a tight race between third, fourth and fifth places on Sina Weibo. Yang Mi, Leehom Wang and Xie Na all ticked passed the 18 million followers milestone during the week. Less than 150,000 fans separate the three.   

Third party estimates put Twitter at more than 500 million registered users. Sina reported that it had more than 300 million registered users on Sina Weibo in February 2012.

Most popular people on Twitter:

  1. Lady Gaga (25,538,750 followers)

  2. Justin Bieber (23,136,412)

  3. Katy Perry (21,087,755)

  4. Rihanna (20,440,834)

  5. Britney Spears (17,557,494)

  6. Shakira (16,478,960)

  7. Barack Obama (16,447,586)

  8. Taylor Swift (14,989,589)

  9. Kim Kardashian (14,931,263)

  10. YouTube (13,673,624)

Most popular people on Sina's microblog (Weibo):

  1. Yao Chen (21,132,031 followers)

  2. Dee Hsu (20,653,527)

  3. Yang Mi (18,153,209)

  4. Leehom Wang (18,108,307)

  5. Xie Na (18,009,194)

  6. Zhao Wei (17,730,460)

  7. He Jiong (17,413,150)

  8. Kevin Tsai (17,183,063)

  9. Li Bingbing (15,825,559)

  10. Chen Kun (15,280,105)


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