'Unlucky' 12-year-old boy was third family member to die in separate road crashes

A boy, his dad and step-dad were all killed in separate road traffic incidents. (Manchester Evening News)

A 12-year-old boy was “unlucky” to become the third person to die in his family from a road crash when he was hit by a car, an inquest heard.

Taylor Tolley died in hospital a day after he was struck by a black Ford Mondeo in Brett Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, on 15 February, 2019.

Senior Coroner Professor Paul Marks said Taylor was “unlucky” to have suffered a serious head injury in a low-impact crash during an inquest in Hull on Tuesday.

His death meant his mum Katie-Jo Tolley has suffered three road traffic tragedies. after losing her first husband Stewart Swift – Taylor's dad – in a car crash in Carnaby in May 2007.

Her second husband, Andrew Tolley, was killed in Bridlington in September 2018 following a motorcycle accident.

Taylor Tolley died after being hit by a car. (Manchester Evening News)
Katie-Jo Tolley and her late husband Andrew Tolley. (Manchester Evening News)

In a statement read out at the inquest Mrs Tolley said the death of her son left her heartbroken.

She added: “When I lost Taylor, it changed my life forever. 

“It has devastated me and my family.”

A man who was walking along at the time described how he desperately tried to warn Taylor when he saw him running at “full pelt”.

In a statement, the witness said: “I then saw the black car driving at about 15-20mph and the boy was running across behind the bus.

“I could see what was going to happen and I shouted to the boy ‘car!’ but he continued into the road and the driver had no time to react. 

“He couldn’t have seen the boy behind the bus.

“The boy was hit and the car stopped quickly. I dropped my bag and ran to the boy. He was drifting in and out of consciousness so I put him in the recovery position.

“We tried to comfort him and he had a large lump in the back of his head. At one point he tried to get up but he was very confused.

Taylor's dad Stewart was also killed in a crash. (Manchester Evening News)
Taylor was killed after being hit by a car in Brett Street in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. (Manchester Evening News)

“I wish I could have done more to prevent it. I hope the family takes some comfort from the fact he didn’t appear to be in pain.”

Another man was driving down Brett Street when he witnessed the collision, added: “It all seemed to happen in just a couple of seconds.

Taylor was initially taken to Scarborough hospital and then taken by helicopter to Leeds.

Evidence from medical teams who treated Taylor described a brain stem injury which they quickly realised was “non-survivable”, and he was given palliative care and died the next morning.

In her statement, Mrs Swift described how Taylor had struggled to cope with the death of his stepdad.

Mr Marks concluded that Taylor’s death was due to an accident.

Mr Marks said: “It was clear Taylor was oblivious to the traffic as he ran behind a bus and collided with the car. He was not to blame, no one was to blame. It was a tragic accident.

“It is unimaginable what the family has suffered with three tragic road traffic accidents and I offer my condolences.”