Team Europe plays to crowd with Green Bay Packers cheeseheads

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Team Europe is looking to take a bite out of Team USA's biggest strategic Ryder Cup advantage — the hometown crowd — with a bit of outright pandering to the locals.

Just before Wednesday's practice session, the Europeans walked out onto the first tee at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin sporting green-and-gold warmups and cheeseheads straight out of Lambeau Field. That's one way to keep the crowd from booing you:

European captain Padraig Harrington said the Green Bay Packers helped hook up the team with the cheeseheads, which is quite sporting of the Pack but also seems a bit like consorting with the enemy. The players slung the cheeseheads into the crowd before teeing off. 

Whistling Straits, located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisc., is in the heart of Packer country. With COVID-19 travel restrictions likely limiting the number of European fans who will be able to travel to the tournament, Team Europe will be hearing it from the home crowd this week. 

Tommy Fleetwood, at least, ought to make a few friends ... or at least hear why he needs to stay in Green Bay a few more seasons: 

The Ryder Cup begins Friday morning, and it's going to get as loud as a Lambeau night game. 

(@RyderCupEurope / Twitter)
(@RyderCupEurope / Twitter)


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