Team: Only cyclists allowed on bike lanes

A TOTAL of 50 violators have been issued citations since bike lanes were implemented in Mandaue City two weeks ago.

Arnold Malig-on, operations chief of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team), said some motorists are still not aware of the bike lanes.

Team enforcers have been apprehending violators and educating them about the guidelines on their proper use, he said.

Majority of violators are drivers who park their vehicles on the bike lanes, he said.

Most of them, he said, are customers or clients of establishments along roads that don’t have designated parking.

Aside from receiving a citation, owners of illegally parked vehicles also have to pay a penalty of P1,000.

Malig-on said this should force establishments to provide parking for customers.

He said the other violators are motorcycle drivers who use the bike lanes.

He reminded the public that bike lanes are for the exclusive use of cyclists.

If motorcycle drivers are caught using bike lanes, not only will they be issued citations, but they will also be fined P500, he said.

Meanwhile, Malig-on said cyclists must use bike lanes.

He urged them to follow traffic laws like heeding traffic lights and following the flow of traffic.

As bike lanes have been installed on 80 percent of the roads in the city, Malig-on said cyclists should stop using sidewalks. (KFD)