Team PNoy eyeing 'ritual' to ward off bad luck?

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Is bad luck really affecting the campaign of Team PNoy?
Senatorial bets running under the administration coalition themselves can no longer hide this fact after another stage accident met Team PNoy during an out-of-town sortie.

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A Team PNoy candidate who refused to be named revealed the camp’s plan to ask indigenous people to perform rituals in their newly-constructed headquarters in Makati City to drive away bad luck.
“We might need to do some rituals to activities to throw away bad omen,” the senatorial bet said.
He explained the proposal turned up after former Senator Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay Jr. tripped and fell on his face before giving his campaign speech in Bacolod City last Thursday.
Magsaysay, who sustained a bump on his forehead, was able to return on stage to deliver his speech after receiving first aid.
“We just want to prevent more accidents in the future. We are hoping that the planned rituals would change these unfortunate incidents from bad luck into good fortune,” the source said.
“But the possibility of being accused of animal cruelty if pigs and chicken are slaughtered during the rituals prevents the Team PNoy from performing these indigenous rituals,” the candidate pointed out.

“There was also a proposal not to kill animals, but will this be the right way of doing the rituals?” the candidate added.

He  clarified Team PNoy has been working very hard to improve its safety measures to spare the people in the campaign from unfortunate incidents, including candidates.
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Magsaysay’s accident came a week after Occidental Mindoro Vice Governor Gene Mendiola fell from the six-foot-high stage during Team PNoy’s proclamation rally at Plaza Miranda in Manila on Feb. 12.

“The incident last February 12 involving the Vice Governor Mendiola was not a good start and people are trying to arrest this belief by doing some rituals to the headquarters,” the source said.
“After the Plaza Miranda incident, proposal to do rituals was proposed,” another well-placed source from Team PNoy said.