Team to propose signage realignment in Mandaue

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THE Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) will propose the realignment of signage in the city.

Homer Noe Rosal, the assistant chief of the Traffic Transportation Planning and Engineering Division (TTPED) of Team, said based on their study this week, they noticed that the signage in the city are redundant and not following the basic signage guidelines set by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

He said there are signs that are close to each other and do not follow the 50-meter rule distance.

Some signage are also posted on an electrical post and on telecommunication posts.

Rosal said that they have received a lot complaints from motorists that the signage in Mandaue City are not visible.

Rosal said they will propose this study to the Team board, City Administrator and Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes in two weeks.

This proposal will pilot around the center of the city, on the streets of A. del Rosario, S.B. Cabahug, A. Rosal and A.S. Fortuna extension.

Once it will be approved, they will start installing the signage posts.

Although the signage will be fewer, Rosal said it will not affect the traffic enforcement in the city as they will be installed in strategic locations.

Thus, it will make the city streets cleaner from redundant and unnecessary signage, said Rosal.

Rosal said they are still tracking all the signage within the center of the city.

He said he has yet to have the total number of existing signage in the city.

Once it the realignment will be implemented, they will install the new signage posts before extracting the old ones.

Rosal said the posts will be seven feet high and the signage will be an inch bigger than the current ones, to make them more visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Each post will have a 50-meter or 100-meter distance from the next depending on the traffic on a certain street, said Rosal.

These signage posts will be created by the engineering division of Team.

Rosal said the signage are important in traffic enforcement as they will be the bases of the enforcers for the traffic violations committed by motorists. (KFD)