Team warns against heavy traffic in Mandaue’s recla area on November 30

MOTORISTS are advised to brace for heavy traffic at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City Saturday afternoon, Nov. 30, 2019, when up to 400,000 people are expected to show up in the area for a religious activity.

Arnold Malig-on, head of traffic monitoring at the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team), said there will be a parade for the Jesus Reigns event that will start at 1 p.m. and is expected to last two hours.

He said that once the parade is over and delegates head to the program venue beside Bai Hotel across Parkmall, traffic should return to normal.

According to its website, Jesus Reigns is an annual event “held simultaneously across the 82 provinces of the Philippines to honor One Lord and to declare in One Voice and as One Nation that Jesus Reigns!” Admission is free for all religions.

The parade route will start at the venue to Ouano Ave., turn right to Cabahug St., right to M. Logarta Ave. then pass through E.O. Perez St. to F.E. Zuellig Ave. then back to the venue.

Florentino Nimor Jr., Team head, has allowed the parade to counterflow and occupy one lane while the two other lanes will be for motorists.

“Organizers have agreed that at intersections, motorists will be allowed to cross when there’s a lull in the parade,” he said in a mix of Cebuano and English.

He also clarified that there will be no re-routing and other road closures.

According to Malig-on, delegates and emergency vehicles will be allowed to park at the back of the stage and along the southbound lane of F.E. Zuellig Avenue.

Due to the number of delegates that will participate in the event, Pastor Wilson Feria, head of security for Jesus Reigns, encouraged delegates not to bring backpacks as these will be subjected to strict inspection.

He said umbrellas will also not be allowed inside the venue since these may obstruct the view of other delegates.

The Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) will deploy 200 police personnel to guard the venue’s perimeter.

In a separate interview, MCPO Director Col. Jonathan Abella said his men will remain outside since organizers will provide their own security inside the venue.

A traffic enforcer will also be deployed at the pedestrian lane at the entrance of Parkmall and the venue to help delegates safely cross the street. (KFD)