Tech journos, bloggers wrestle with consumer issues at Yahoo! TechnoStorm

Billy Jane Ramos
Technostorm Tech News
Tech journalists and bloggers answer questions on common consumer issues on gadgets and technology at the Yahoo! TechnoStorm Expo at the Trinoma Activity Center.

Should I buy a laptop or a tablet, which is better?

For Esquire Philippines tech columnist Karlo Samson, it is a question of "what are you using the device for?"

"If I’m going to do photo editing, I’m not going do that on my tablet. I’m doing that on my desktop. But if I want to just type out a note and I’m in a coffee shop, I don’t want to be lugging around a laptop all day. It really depends on what you want,” he says. technology and motoring editor Jing Garcia agrees. “If you want to use apps, I think tablets are better. Of course, some hybrid notebooks can become tablets. I think that most notebooks are more powerful than tablets.”

On the question of which is a more budget-friendly smartphone in the market today,’s Chris Sanchez says the operating system of choice can spell the difference between a cheap and an expensive phone. But he believes Android handsets are the most cost-efficient.

For consumer tech blogger Tonyo Cruz, he suggests entry-level Blackberrys. The devices allow users to perform basic phone functions and e-mail. Consumers can also get on the Internet for low monthly data plans.  

Samson, however, urges users to ask themselves, “Am I getting what I paid for?” He points out, while some smartphones can be cheap, it may be cheaper to buy a high-end but reliable model if users will keep the device longer.    

One of the more most-asked question these days was battery issues of devices, which all the tech bloggers and journos consider a pressing concern.

Technoclast’s Editor-in-Chief Alexei Rivera suggests turning off features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will do the trick. But he notes that there are smartphones whose battery life can last 3 to 5 days.

Cruz, however, points out that bad mobile services can affect battery life of smartphones, as it tends to search for nearest network available.

Rivera went further to suggest that one can turn off the 3G network if he or she is not using data.

More questions were posed to these tech journos and geeks during a "blogger face-off" at the Yahoo! TechnoStorm Expo in Trinoma Activity Center. Similar questions were also asked at the Yahoo! TechnoStorm website, where an "Ask the Expert" section is available.

Yahoo! TechnoStorm Expo opened on November 26 at the Trinoma Activity Center and will run until Sunday, December 2.

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