Tech Mahindra opens fourth site in Cebu

TECH Mahindra, a business process management company (BPM), sustains robust growth in Cebu year-on-year.

Tech Mahindra Philippines head Anand Achuthan attributed the company’ growth to the robust demand for IT solutions among industries.

“For the last three years, we have been growing. Fifteen percent of our total growth worldwide, and that is a significant amount, comes from the Philippines. Cebu is special to us because it is a growth center for the Information Technology-BPM industry,” he said.

Achuthan said there were some companies that have slowly undergone changes to keep up with the times and Tech Mahindra have been supportive in providing solutions for their transition.

“This is not how it was 10 years ago where you hire a bunch of people and put them on phones and life goes on. There’s a lot of technologies involved and there’s a lot of transition involved,” he said.

As inquiries become more complex, Achuthan said they hoped their services could provide support by hiring more qualified employees.

Tech Mahindra opened its fourth site in Cebu in Filinvest Cyberzone that will operate with a thousand employees.

“We want to continue expanding in Cebu. There is growth and development coming up. It’s becoming more accessible and transportation is also getting better,” he said.

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, providing IT services and business process outsourcing to companies in various vertical and horizontal market.

Achuthan said major growth drivers for the company are the telcos and the e-commerce retail market.

“Telco is big in the economy. Telco worldwide is no longer just calls and text but data content and media. Tech Mahindra is predominantly telcos but we are also serving the retail market where there is a significant change from brick and mortar stores (to an online one),” he said.

Tech Mahindra currently has 7,000 workforce in the country, 3,000 of whom are based in Cebu. The company expects to increase the headcount to at least 4,500 in the next months of 2020.

As of November 2019, Tech Mahindra is a US$4.9 billion company with over 131,522 employees across 90 countries. (JOB)