• Apple Watch to boost 'glance journalism'
    Apple Watch to boost 'glance journalism' AFP News - 12 hours ago

    With the Apple Watch expected to sell in the millions, news organizations refocusing their efforts to become part of that tiny screen. In the news business, this is now called "glance journalism." The Apple Watch, expected to catapult to the leading item in wearable technology, opens up new possibilities to a news industry seeking to connect with audiences in the digital era. The New York Times says its app for the Apple Watch will be "a new form of storytelling" and that "editors on three continents" will update notifications. Yahoo will have four apps for the Apple device, including a news digest updated hourly with "microsummaries" of major stories, as well as apps for fantasy sports, weather and one specifically for Hong Kong news. More »

  • SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrives at space station
    SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrives at space station AFP News - 13 hours ago

    SpaceX's unmanned Dragon cargo ship arrived Friday at the International Space Station, carrying nearly 4,400 pounds (2,000 kilograms) of food and supplies for the astronauts living in orbit. European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti grappled the capsule with the space station's robotic arm at 6:55 am (1055 GMT) as the space station flew over the northern Pacific to the east of Japan, NASA said. More »

  • Turn your thumbnail into a trackpad
    Turn your thumbnail into a trackpad AFP Relax - 13 hours ago

    Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are developing a tiny wearable that can be attached to a wearer's fingernail to remotely control a host of devices. Called the NailO it's roughly the size of a commercialized nail-art sticker yet offers the same levels of functionality as a notebook computer's trackpad -- simply move an index finger over its surface in order to remotely control a smartphone, tablet or computer. "As current wearable technologies get smaller and thinner and closer to the human body, there's a greater need and desire to be able to personalize the appearance of these devices to make them more appealing to wear," said development team member Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao. More »

  • Google announces a Works with Cardboard' program to bring clarity to …
    Google announces a Works with Cardboard' program to bring clarity to … AFP Relax - 15 hours ago

    So, to make it easier for consumers to understand which devices will work with their phones and apps, Google has set up an official program. "It's what we dreamed about when we folded our first piece of cardboard, and combined it with a smartphone: a VR experience for everyone! And less than a year later, there's a tremendous diversity of VR viewers and apps to choose from. To keep this creativity going, however, we also need to invest in compatibility," said Andrew Nartker, Google Cardboard's product manager. More »

  • Yahoo! may be readying a successor to Messenger
    Yahoo! may be readying a successor to Messenger AFP Relax - 16 hours ago

    According to a report from The Information, Yahoo! is preparing to launch an ambitious new mobile messaging app combining elements of Skype, Snapchat and Meerkat. The supposed app could be the successor to the internet giant's tired and outdated Messenger platform. Citing an anonymous source with experience of the project, the website describes a new app "blending aspects of live video apps like Meerkat, YouNow, and Skype and the recorded video messages popularized by Snapchat." This would make the new app a composite of some of the most popular and innovative messaging apps of the moment. Microsoft's Skype is still a reference in the sector, with support for IM, file transfers, voice calls (free between users, or at low rates to land and mobile lines worldwide), and video conferencing. More »

  • Tweeting your excitement over the next Star Wars film just got a whole …
    Tweeting your excitement over the next Star Wars film just got a whole … AFP Relax - 17 hours ago

    The social medai platform has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to launch a series of custom, Twitter-only Star Wars emoji. The emoji will build into a larger and larger collection of old and new characters from the film series as the December release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," draws nearer. In order to unlock or activate a Star Wars emoji, you will have to post a hashtag "representing keywords associated with specific Star Wars characters and legacy themes," according to Twitter's blog. More »

  • Twitter out to crack down on abusive tweets
    Twitter out to crack down on abusive tweets AFP Relax - 19 hours ago

    Twitter said Thursday that it is cracking down on mean, hateful or menacing tweets that cross the red line from free speech into abuse. Twitter is overhauling its safety policy and beefing up the team responsible for enforcing it, along with investing "heavily" in ways to detect and limit the reach of abusive content, general counsel Vijaya Gadde said in an column published by the Washington Post. The San Francisco-based micro-blogging site is also taking steps to curtail the use of anonymously created Twitter accounts to intimidate or silence targeted people. Twitter has tripled the size of the team responsible for protecting users of the service, resulting in a five-fold increase in the speed of response to complaints, according to the general counsel. More »

  • EU eager to finalize probe into Google 'market abuse'
    EU eager to finalize probe into Google 'market abuse' AFP News - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    The European Union said Thursday it had filed anti-trust charges against Google to speedily resolve allegations that the tech titan abuses its search engine's market dominance. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google's preferential use of its own shopping product in its search engine could be harmful to consumers and competitors. She also warned that the EU Commission on competition could also open investigations relating to other Google tools that may unfairly edge out competitors, including its travel, flights and hotel services. More »

  • European privacy watchdogs join forces to probe Facebook
    European privacy watchdogs join forces to probe Facebook AFP News - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    European data protection authorities have joined forces to probe Facebook's privacy controls, a French watchdog said Thursday, putting the popular US social media giant under fresh pressure. "There is concerted collective action between five European authorities, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain," said Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, head of France's CNIL privacy watchdog. She added that the Netherlands was coordinating the project, which consists of a working group involving representatives from the five countries that will look into Facebook's practices. Facebook has for years been dogged by concerns over how well privacy is safeguarded online. More »

  • Iran poses growing cyber threat to US
    Iran poses growing cyber threat to US AFP News - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    Iran poses a growing threat to America's computer networks and has launched increasingly sophisticated digital attacks and spying on US targets, according to a new report released Thursday. Iran's far-reaching hacking efforts indicate the regime is searching for vulnerable infrastructure that could be hit in future cyber assaults, said the study by private cyber security company Norse and the American Enterprise Institute think tank. "Iran is emerging as a significant cyber threat to the US and its allies," the study said. Iran's skill in the cyber realm has markedly improved in recent years and "Iran has already penetrated well-defended networks in the US and Saudi Arabia and seized and destroyed sensitive data," it said. More »

  • Microsoft, Yahoo update search agreement
    Microsoft, Yahoo update search agreement AFP News - Fri, Apr 17, 2015

    Microsoft and Yahoo have updated their search partnership to allow more flexibility in searches and end Yahoo's exclusive sales force role with advertisers. The search partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo took effect in 2010 and was supposed to last 10 years, but Yahoo had the option of exiting it midway if certain revenue conditions were not met and Yahoo's chief executive, Marissa Mayer, had repeatedly signaled that she was dissatisfied. "Our global partnership with Yahoo has benefited our shared customers over the past five years and I look forward to building on what we've already accomplished together," said Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, in a joint statement. More »

  • Top iPhone apps: 'Hearthstone,' 'Dubsmash,' 'Brain … AFP Relax - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    Two significant updates for card game "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" see it top the charts in three global territories, while "Dubsmash" still holds its allure and Tencent offers a social quiz challenge with "Brain Up." More »

  • Huawei launches revolutionary new XXL smartphone
    Huawei launches revolutionary new XXL smartphone AFP Relax - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    Ceremoniously presented on Wednesday, April 15 in London, the Huawei P8 and P8 Max, 5.2 and 6.8 inches respectively, represent the latest luxury offered by the Chinese manufacturer. Huawei has thus effectively stolen the thunder of the LG G4, whose launch is scheduled for April 28. The Huawei P8 is an elegantly designed smartphone, in line with what Apple and HTC offer, with a 5.2 inch (1920x1080) screen. The Chinese manufacturer has chosen to emphasize its video sensors. More »

  • Google your lost phone's location
    Google your lost phone's location AFP Relax - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    The new and simple to use feature is free and should work with any Android smartphone as long as it's running the latest version of the Google app. If the handset is lurking further afield, its location will be shown on a Google Map instead. More »

  • Inflight entertainment exposes airliners to hackers: US report
    Inflight entertainment exposes airliners to hackers: US report AFP News - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    Hackers could exploit inflight entertainment systems to fatally sabotage the cockpit electronics of a new generation of airliners connected to the Internet, a US government report warns. It comes weeks after a co-pilot crashed his Germanwings A320 into the French Alps killing all 150 on board, prompting talk of airliners one day being 100 percent automated. Inflight cybersecurity is "an increasingly important issue" that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is just starting to address in earnest, said the audit and investigative arm of the US Congress. "Modern communications technologies, including IP connectivity, are increasingly used in aircraft systems, creating the possibility that unauthorized individuals might access and compromise aircraft avionics systems," the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report said. More »

  • Zuckerberg sees 'wild' future for virtual reality
    Zuckerberg sees 'wild' future for virtual reality AFP Relax - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg sees a wild future in store for virtual reality. During a written question-and-answer session available at his Facebook page on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said that the technology will one day let people travel virtually to places real or imagined. "It will be pretty wild," Zuckerberg said while fielding queries from members of the leading social network. Facebook executives have laid out a future that includes conceptually teleporting social network users with virtual reality technology from Oculus, a technology firm which Facebook bought last year in a deal valued at $2 billion. More »

  • Nokia agrees 15.6-bn-euro deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent
    Nokia agrees 15.6-bn-euro deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent AFP News - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    Nokia has struck a 15.6-billion-euro deal to buy its rival Alcatel-Lucent to create the world's biggest supplier of mobile phone network equipment, both firms said Wednesday. The merger of two companies that were once new technology stars but have since lost some of their lustre will produce a European champion able to take on Nokia's Swedish rival Ericsson or fierce Chinese competition. The announcement sent shares in Alcatel-Lucent plunging 15 percent on Paris's stock market, while Nokia's stocks were down 1.20 percent to 7.40 euros on the Helsinki market. Finland's Nokia said it had agreed to give shareholders in its Franco-American rival 0.55 shares in the new merged company for every one of their own. More »

  • EU action on Google marks divergence with Washington
    EU action on Google marks divergence with Washington AFP News - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    The EU antitrust complaint filed Wednesday against Google represents a sharp divergence with Washington, which dropped a similar investigation two years ago, citing a lack of evidence against the Internet giant. In early 2013, the US Federal Trade Commission said it lacked a legal basis to bring a case against Google on allegations of abusing its dominance in Internet searches, but it won commitments from the tech titan to end its "most troubling" practices. Then-FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz said at the time the regulatory agency had "exhaustively investigated" allegations that Google unfairly manipulated its search engine results to harm its competitors, but found the evidence did not support a formal action. To settle the US case, Google agreed to stop misappropriating or "scraping" snippets of content from rivals to make it appear as if it were from Google. More »

  • EU charges Google with market abuse, to probe Android
    EU charges Google with market abuse, to probe Android AFP News - Thu, Apr 16, 2015

    The EU on Wednesday formally charged US Internet giant Google with abusing its search engine's dominance and launched a sensitive probe into its omnipresent Android mobile phone operating system. On the first count, the Commission said it had sent a formal "Statement of Objections" to Google, charging it with "systematically favouring its own comparison shopping product in its general search results pages." "The Commission's preliminary view is that such conduct infringes EU anti-trust rules because it stifles competition and harms consumers." If found at fault under EU anti-trust rules, a company faces a fine of up to 10 percent of its annual sales -- in Google's case, $66 billion in 2014. The Commission said it would continue to examine three other areas of concern -- copying of rivals' web content, exclusive advertising regimes and undue restrictions on advertisers -- which were identified in probes dating back to 2010. In a potentially hugely important development, it also announced a separate investigation into Google's Android system which dominates the global mobile phone market. More »

  • Hackers make off with data on 100,000 French state TV contacts
    Hackers make off with data on 100,000 French state TV contacts AFP News - Wed, Apr 15, 2015

    Hackers bypassed insufficient safeguards to make off with data on 100,000 contacts held on French state TV computers, broadcasters said Wednesday. The attack occurred Tuesday and involved the theft of "a limited amount of personal data (names, postal and e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers)," France Televisions said in a statement. The data heist was especially embarrassing as it came just a week after TV5Monde, an international French-language network based in Paris, was forced off the air and the Internet for 18 hours by an attack said to be "unprecedented in the history of television". "This data leak is now finished." France Televisions' technical director, Stephane Van Bosterhaudt, admitted to AFP that the security measures that had been in place "were insufficient". More »

  • France's ride-share site BlaBlaCar buys European rivals
    France's ride-share site BlaBlaCar buys European rivals AFP News - Wed, Apr 15, 2015

    French website BlaBlaCar said Wednesday it was swallowing up its German and Hungarian rivals, cementing its spot as Europe's king of ride-sharing as more and more cash-strapped travellers look to share car journeys. Created in 2006, BlaBlaCar offers a site where people making the same car journey can get together and split travel costs. It claims to have more than 20 million members across 18 countries in Europe and Asia, and in a record for a French start-up, managed to raise $10 million (9.4 million euros) in 2012 and then $100 million in 2014. It also announced it was buying Hungary's Autohop, giving it a slew of new customers in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Croatia. More »

  • Asus VivoWatch boasts 10-day battery life
    Asus VivoWatch boasts 10-day battery life AFP Relax - Wed, Apr 15, 2015

    At its Zensation exhibit at Design Week in Milan (April 14-19), Asus is showcasing the Vivowatch, a new wearable promising up to 10 days between charges, the longest battery life ever seen on a smartwatch. The Taiwanese manufacturer achieved this feat in part thanks to an in-house OS, which is said to be lighter than Android Wear. More »

  • Public trust in the Web 'eroded' says global cyber commission
    Public trust in the Web 'eroded' says global cyber commission AFP News - Wed, Apr 15, 2015

    The public's trust in the Internet has been severely eroded by a cloak-and-dagger approach to collecting private data online leaving it open to abuse, the Global Commission on Internet Governance said on Wednesday. "Confidence must be restored in the Internet because trust is eroding," commission head Carl Bildt told a press conference in The Hague, ahead of a two-day conference on cyber freedom, safety and security. Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister, said distrust was brought about by "the non-transparent market in collecting, centralising, integrating and analysing enormous quantities of private information about individuals and enterprises." Once collected, the information is targeted by governments for surveillance "in ways that have a chilling effect on fundamental human rights, in particular freedom of expression and legitimate dissent and protest," the Global Commission said in an 18-page report released on Wednesday. Law enforcement should be allowed to gather data for their investigations but should be "specified in advance, authorised by law and consistent with the principles of necessity and proportionality," the commission added. More »

  • ‘Next leader must not be newbie’
    ‘Next leader must not be newbie’

    Vice President Jejomar Binay believes the next president of the Philippines must have vast experience and a long track record in governance and in dealing with crises. “I am very much convinced that the local government is the best training ground for those who want to run for national government positions,” he said. Binay said he is determined to run for president in 2016 on the strength of his competence and track record. …

  • Massacre suspect tests negative for poisoning
    Massacre suspect tests negative for poisoning

    A suspect in the Maguindanao massacre case who had been examined at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) tested negative for poisoning, medical records released yesterday showed. However, the Quezon City court handling the multiple murder case resolved to isolate Police Officer 1 Pia Kamidon from the rest of the accused detained at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig for his safety. In a two-page order, Regional Trial Court Branch 221 assisting Judge Genie Gapas-Agbada ordered jail officials to …

  • ‘Homework first before Facebook’
    ‘Homework first before Facebook’

    President Aquino elicited laughter from students here as he reminded them to open books first before Facebook. “Finish your assignments first before making a raid in the Clash of Clans,” Aquino said, referring to a popular online game. In a speech during the turnover yesterday of two new three-story buildings at the Tarlac National High School, he said the government could only provide opportunities for learning but the rest of the work would be up to the students. The new school buildings …


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  • Pilgrimage in Batan Island Pinay Solo Backpacker
    Pilgrimage in Batan Island

    Its ruggedly enchanting topography and the serene atmosphere makes Batanes seems such a friendly place. No wonder, it is flocked by tourists during the Lenten season. …

  • VERA Files: DFA misleading public in Sabah for Spratlys issue The Inbox
    VERA Files: DFA misleading public in Sabah for Spratlys issue

    Note Verbale No. 15-1979 sent to Malaysia, the basis of VERA Files’ story, stated that it is reviewing the Aug. 4, 2009 protest (No. 000819) it filed with the United Nations.  The Philippines’ August 2009 protest, contained in two pages, singles out North Borneo or the old name of Sabah. Contrary to what DFA’s comment that putting out the story was a disservice to the country, VERA Files released the story in the interest of the public to help it fully understand the issues involved. …

  • The Chusueys: Good argument for  family business The Inbox
    The Chusueys: Good argument for  family business

    At the helm is the patriarch, Henry Chusuey. His wife Ana, twelve years his junior, is the company treasurer. Helping Henry and Ana (“Henann”) expand their empire are their two sons, Alfonso and Hendrick.   Alfonso, 29, is neither an architect nor engineer, but takes charge of construction in all properties while  Hendrick , 25, takes care of sales, marketing, advertising and PR. Henann own the imposing 1400- room Boracay Regency Hotel in the world-famous island. …