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Gadget expert Abe Olandres on cloud computing, ultrabooks, iOS vs. Android, and more.

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Why ultrabooks cost more
Rainiel Ladia asks: Why are ultrabooks so expensive compared to regular notebooks?
ABE: Two main reasons: first is the type of storage that are used with them; SSD or Solid State Drives are much more expensive than regular HDDs. The other reason is the miniaturization technology employed with ultrabooks. In essence, the smaller and thinner or lighter you go—the more expensive the laptop becomes. However, you may start seeing ultrabooks become more affordable with the use of Hybrid drives. These are primarily HDDs with a little SSD tucked into them for faster caching.


Security tip for safer cloud computing
Westmore Caronongan asks: What are the security best practices for cloud computing?  What setup do you recommend for this? 

ABE: Generally, your weakest point for using Cloud services is normally your password. I suggest using a stronger password or implement two-step verification for Cloud services.

Best tablet for traveling execs
Che asks: Which tablet model is the best value for money? I travel a lot for work and have to lug my laptop along. I would like to switch to a tablet model but don’t know what features am I giving up. I often do emails with heavy attachments. I do PowerPoint presentations.  I store a lot of documents for research. I do most of the Microsoft Office functions (Word, Excel,  ppt) and often send and receive PDF files in my mailbox.

ABE: There are a number of portable Android tablets that may fit your needs. There's the Google Nexus 7 which retails for $199 (a little more expensive in the local market) and several other 7-inch tablets that are more affordable including the Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch, the Acer Iconia Tab and the Asus Maemo Pad.

Upgrading a not-so-awesome 64GB memory
Cherry asks: I have an awesome 11-inch Macbook Air, mid-2011, but with a not-so-awesome 64GB memory. Is there any chance I can upgrade to a bigger memory without the hassle of bringing a hard drive every time? Went to Senco and Apple stores they said it’s pre-order when you buy a new Macbook.     

ABE: The Macbook Air does not have readily user-replaceable SSD. However, you may find ways to still have it replaced as long as you have the special tools to open up your MBA.

Here's a video clip showing how to open and replace the SSD on an MBA.

Do note that the SSD is not your normal SSD that you can get in stores. I suggest getting a professional to do this for you.


iOS or Android?
Niqnaqx asks: If Apple iPhone is truly superior to Android phones, why? What makes iOS better than Android? 

ABE: The choice between iOS and Android is a matter of personal taste. A lot of people liked the idea of a simple and clean UI (user interface) which is offered by iOS. Others love the ability to customize according to their taste and Android offers that ability.


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A professional blogger since 2005, Abe is among the first movers in the Philippine blogging scene. He has grown YugaTech single-handedly for the last 7 years and now has two full-time writers/contributors running the site.

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