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Yahoo! Philippines editors handpicked the most interesting questions, which were then sent to Abe Olandres for answers. Call yourself lucky to be picked among thousands of questions sent. So without delay, here are the best questions chosen and answered by our resident geek and gadget expert Abe Olandres.

Question from Dickson Ranay: Hi, I'll be buying an ipad and I am clueless on what laptop could compliment the tablet. Is the atom powered netbooks enough or should I buy a celeron 877 chip? Please note that the laptop runs on an MS office, has  500-GB storage. I will also use it for Internet surfing and movies. As much as possible I want the cheapest option. Lastly, with Windows 8 tablets coming by month-end, would you recommend them instead of an ipad/laptop? I worry about the bugs and also the seemed to be pricy (with the asus vivo rumored at $600 w/o the dock). Thank you for your reply."

Abe Olandres: If you already have an iPad, then you should compliment it with a more powerful laptop. I don’t think an Atom netbook would cut it. I suggest picking the one with the Celeron 877 chip since it’s more superior than any Atom chip I’ve seen in netbooks. The biggest advantage you’ll get with a Celeron 877 is the supported memory, which can go up to 16GB (and RAM is very cheap nowadays). The Acer Aspire One AO756 uses this chip. I think you can get this one for under Php 21,000 in stores and it comes with 500GB storage and 4GB RAM.

What Windows 8 is offering is a combination of tablet-use and laptop-use in a single machine. This eliminates the need to bring both a tablet and a laptop every day. While I liked that idea [of a single machine], I am not completely sold to the idea because I have not yet tried the battery life of these Windows 8 tablets.

Considering that Windows 8 tablets will be running chips like Intel Core i5, they might not last more than 10 hours, which is what we are accustomed to from the likes of the iPad or other Android tablets.

I suggest waiting a little bit until Windows 8 is formally announced. There will be more affordable Windows 8 touchscreen netbooks that will come out. I just can tell you any more detail since I have agreed to a non-disclosure agreement with some manufacturers.

Question from Vein: Hi Mr Yugatech! Been following your site for a year now. Which is the fastest selling smartphone between s3 and iphone 5? I mean, I’m constantly looking at tech sites for answers but haven't found them yet. If you don’t have the figures, at least tell me what do you think will come up as the best seller after this year?

Abe: Hi Vein! Thanks for following my blog. As for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales figures, there is no definite number for this month but based on earlier reports, here’s what I got: The Galaxy S3 pulled over 20 million units in sales in the first 100 days. That’s about 200,000 units sold per day. The iPhone 5 pre-sold over 2 million units in the first 24 hours and over 5 million units in the first week. That’s about 700,000 units per day. Since the iPhone 5 release in countries are staggered, we have yet to see what’s the total units sold so far. In any case, the iPhone 5 still got the numbers in terms of initial units sold. The iPhone has been the best-seller since its introduction in 2007 so my bet is still with the iPhone 5.
Question from Noel: Good Morning sir!, I just want to ask what is the best choice for a laptop, which has a decent graphics chip (can play top of the line games), processor and RAM for the price of PhP 35,000-42,000. Thank You sir!

Abe: Hi Noel! For that budget, I suggest an Asus K45 laptop. It comes in 14-inch, has a 3rd-gen Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz processor, NVidia 630M chip with 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM and 750GB HDD. The whole set sells for under PhP 36k in stores and if you have a few extra in your budget, you get another 4GB stick for around Php2.5k to bump it to 8GB. Happy gaming!
Question from Farrah: I want a smartphone. I want to buy HTC one X, but it is too costly. Can you suggest a cheaper HTC smartphone that is closer to the specs of HTC one X? I'm looking forward for your response. Thank u very much and God bless.
Abe: Hi Farrah! Check out the HTC One S, it’s almost as powerful (and in some instances, even better) as the HTC One X. The One S has a smaller screen though at 4.3-inches but the design concept is similar to the One X.

Question from Bert: Hi Sir Abe, I am planning to buy the new Sony Xperia go ST27i. Any pros and cons before I invest for my first android phone? Or a typical suggestion for an android phone; budget is Php12,000.00. Thanks and morepower to yugatech

Abe: Hi Bert! I tried the Sony Xperia Go many months ago and I loved it. If you're an outdoor-sy kind of person, this is the phone for you. It's got a solid and tough body, nice and simple design and great camera. The downside is that sound quality is a bit lacking and battery life isn't that impressive.
Question from Giannreli: Would buying a Windows 8 powered tablet with a keyboard be a good alternative to buying a mid-range laptop?
Abe: Hi Gian! The Windows 8 tablets with keyboard dock usually runs on low-power chips like Intel Atom or NVidia Tegra 3 or Qualcomm. I would not consider them to be equivalent of mid-range laptops but rather they're more aligned with netbooks.
Question from Marcelinol: Hi Abe/Yuga, I’m planning to buy a smartphone this December since my sister will buy my current smartphone, iPhone 4S. What do you recommend among my choices:
- Apple iPhone 5
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2
- Sony Xperia T
- Motorola Razr HD
- Nokia Lumia 920

Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance!
Abe: Hi Marcelino! If you're already na iPhone 4S user, I'm sure you will love the iPhone 5 even better. If you're more adventurous, I'd suggest the Galaxy Note 2. Sadly, the Xperia T will not be released here yet, just the Xperia XT.


A professional blogger since 2005, Abe is among the first movers in the Philippine blogging scene. He has grown YugaTech single-handedly for the last 7 years and now has two full-time writers/contributors running the site.