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Janette Toral answers more of your tech questions, and even takes time out to send a video response to one of them!

John asks: Hi Janette. There is always the fear of personal photos posted in social networking sites being stolen and used by others. How real is this? What can i do to prevent this? And if stolen what actions can I take? Thanks.

JANETTE: Yes it does happen. I have encountered complaints from various persons through the years asking for advice on how to go about it.

Best not to share your photos publicly or making it available to the public if they are that important or too personal for you. Limit it to your friends.

If your profile photo was misused by another person, claiming it as their own, contact that person and ask others to do the same. if their account has friends, let them know about your personal photo being misused. Alert the application service provider about your photos being misused. (You will need to cite source URL where it can be originally found.)

Gretel Muhi asks: What makes a product saleable online?

JANETTE: Made a video response to this one:

Robert E. asks: How is it even though we have our passwords which are supposed to be strictly confidential and yet hackers seemed to be able to have access to our sites. Thank you.                              

JANETTE: Best to host your site in a very secure service to minimize the possibility of your site being compromised.

Make sure all the software / plugins you use are secure.

Virgie asks: Hi Ms. Janette. Why are gray market gadgets far more cheaper than those being sold by official retailers? Thanks!
They usually don't pay tax and have brought in products not from traditional import/export channels. They don't issue receipt and neither their warranties can be guaranteed.

J/CInsp Alberto R. Tapiru, Jr. asks: I am a warden and I would like to install a biometrics device (fingerprinting) that would identify inmates from visitors.  Any detailed information on how I could do it? Where I could purchase materials?

JANETTE: Biometrics solutions being used to clock attendance from companies can also be used in the same manner. This tutorial might help you -

Marc Raymond Co asks:  Hi, are there ways to minimize shipping cost from Manila to countries? If I was to ship around 15 clothes at P400 each plus shipping cost; the total would for the customer would be P8,000 which seems too much for them to spend. Are there actual ways or loop holes or e-commerce practices we don’t really know about to minimize shipping costs?            

JANETTE: Hi Marc. Usually, shipping to other countries is still based on weight and commercial value. I suggest visiting your local post office for these rates so you can have an idea on how they compute it. In my case, I use for shipping locally and abroad as I don't like going to the post office.
William Pineda asks: What is the best school to learn in the Philippines web design that will highlight a marketing and e commerce?

JANETTE: Usually design is a specialized course that can fall under the field of arts. While marketing and e-commerce are in the business administration space. If you can find a school that specializes in e-commerce as a course major, then you more or less will have that covered. Asian Institute of E-Commerce is one such school. I suggest checking out STI and AMA as well if they have e-commerce course major too.

Gilbert M. Flores asks
: How do you improve a wordpress site, or which one is better, wordpress or blog?   
JANETTE: Hi Gilbert. Wordpress is actually a blogging platform. I suggest creating a blog at to have a feel on how it works.

Aaron asks: How can you effectively market your products through your own website?

JANETTE: Hi Aaron. I suggest doing the following:
- identify your audience target
- Which sites do they frequent (home / hangout / hideout)?
- Develop a campaign where you will be able to relate your product to their needs. Use multiple ways of executing the campaign in various social media channels.

Earl asks: Is there a way that the software of the Kindle Touch could be modified so that an internal lighting of the display could be made possible?

JANETTE: At the moment, I don't think so. (although a hacker specializing in it may say otherwise)

Janette C. Toral  is a writer, consultant, trainer, blogger, policy lobbyist, DigitalFilipino Club community owner, angel investor and entrepreneur. She writes and publishes books on blogging, the latest being “Blogging from Home.” She founded the Philippine Internet Commerce Society in 1997 and established in 2003. The site serves as an e-commerce advocacy platform with close to 100 members. Follow Janette on Twitter @digitalfilipino, like her on, and visit her blogs and

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