Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a difficult and a worsening problem in our society. What are its causes and what can be done about it? In our age, freedom is of paramount value. Have we neglected some needed precaution? Our elders insisted on chaperons. Do we have to go back to it? Not necessarily but we can preserve some of its advantages. We need to advise young people especially teenagers not to be alone with the opposite sex where nobody else sees them. Double dating is useful because temptation to try sex is unlikely when there are third parties. Young people forget or are not aware that they are human, part angel, and part animal. If they do not take precautions, their animal part can overwhelm their angelic part. We have to always remember we are not pure angels or saints. We are human beings who are partly spirit and partly flesh. That is why God made us. Boys often do not realize that girls are just as interested in sex as they are but sex is a gift of God which is not allowed outside marriage because it has consequences that are not good. Within marriage the partners can practice sex as much as they want and in whatever form they want. But before marriage it has consequences that are unwanted. It can destroy lives.

Falling in love is natural for the human being. And a man or woman falls in love three or four times in his life, not only once. Marriage is so difficult that to compensate, the Lord has made it that there are great joys in falling in love. Falling in love therefore is normal. For the married, the love is for their spouse. But what happens when they fall in love with someone else? This is natural. Want the good of the beloved but no touch. Touching or sex has unwanted consequences. Even celibate priests and religious fall in love but they refrain from touch.Otherwise they cannot keep their celibacy. Falling in love is not the problem. It happens to everybody, celibate or married. The rule is no touch. An old priest was asked how he could keep his vows. His answer was the fear of God and his punishment was the only thing that kept him from sin. The thoughts of sex, he added, will haunt a human being even when three days in the grave. But that is not a sin rather it is an opportunity to practice virtue.

Advise for those about to get married:

Sex is a gift of God. Use it properly. Do not be ignorant of sex. There are plenty of books that tell you all you need to know. You may want to consult someone you trust. Be considerate of each other and do all you can to help your spouse enjoy sex as much as possible. One physiological fact is that it may take women about ten to fifteen minutes preparation before they are ready for sex. It takes a man only one or two minutes. Be considerate and help each other enjoy this gift of God.

Teenage advice:

Purity and celibacy are worthwhile but without the Lord's help and intercession of Our Lady, it is most difficult. So pray for God's help and ask the intercession of Mother Mary.

Advise For Girls:

1. Never go with a boy or any man anywhere where other people do not see you. A good rule is to have double dating or ask another girl to be always with you. You can enjoy the company of boys but not alone. Sex is not possible where others see you. Leave sex to when you get married. There are many reasons for it but especially because it has irreversible consequences that can be unfair for you or your partner or for others. Children are most often the victims. Enjoy socializing but always short of sex. (In marriage you can have all the sex you want.)

2. Never allow a boy to touch any part of your body that is covered by your dress.

3. Remember boys get excited within a few seconds but it takes about ten minutes before a girl gets sexually excited. So the mistake is for the girl to tease the boy not realizing the boy can get excited while they are not. Because they are not excited they may be egging the boy beyond his capacity to refrain.

4. Once the girl allows touching her private parts the first physical reaction is a form of paralysis: for her to be passive and allow whatever the boy wants to do.

5. You will never regret preserving your virginity till marriage but loss of virginity before marriage can be problematic or at best a can of worms.

For Boys:

1. Keep praying for purity. You will never regret it.

2. Keep your hands off the girls. You may hold hands or even kiss but keep away from parts under her dress.

3. If you feel excited cool off. Go away.

4. Never be with a girl where nobody else sees you (even if it is only a five year old child).

5. Enjoy the company of girls but leave the sex till you get married.

In the end, remember what the saints say: If by some misfortune I forget the love of God may I remember His anger and punishment. <emeterio_barcelon@yahoo.com>