Which telco offers the fastest Internet speeds? Survey reveals the answers

·1 min read

Wondering if you should switch internet providers? Analytics company OpenSignal did a study on the performance of the country’s largest telecommunications companies in the first three months of the year — Globe, Smart, and DITO — and found that all three emerged on top in different categories in its latest report.

In terms of upload and download speeds, the survey found that Smart performed best in terms of downloads, clocking in at an average of 19.7 Mbps and 149.9 Mbps for 5G, while DITO had the fastest upload speeds at 4.8 Mbps.

The report said that Smart also had the best 5G connectivity, as Smart subscribers spent the most time connected to 5G and had the most locations with available 5G signal.

Meanwhile, Globe emerged as having the most consistent quality of service, providing consistent minimum speeds that allow for the viewing of HD videos, group video conference calls and video games.

Another industry tracker, Ookla, echoed the same findings for Globe and Smart, and said that the entry of DITO into the Philippine market posed a challenge to the telco duopoly and significantly improved overall internet speeds.

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