Tell it to SunStar: Act vs. climate change now

By Receile Iris Andrino

AT this time right now, a lot of people have been polluting our environment. And because of that, a lot of people and animals are affected. Many animal habitats have been destroyed. But there are a lot of ways to lessen the pollution in our surroundings. One of the ways to lessen it is to prevent using plastics as much as possible. We can also join programs meant for cleaning the environment.

We also have to educate children, teach them how to segregate and recycle wastes. Planting trees is also a way to help our environment. There may be lots of other ways to help our environment and prevent pollution, but these are just some of them. The important thing is we know how to clean our environment and to preserve it. Immediate action must be is made now. It will be difficult later. If left unattended, the time will come when the concomitant effect will be irreversible.

The problem must be addressed now or we face dire consequences.