Tell it to SunStar: Aiming for the Impossible

IF WE define extrajudicial killings (EJK), it is an act of terminating someone’s life without legal due process. No matter what offense the person made, he or she still has the right to prove their innocence before the court, specially that we still have the writ of habeas corpus. As Vice President Leni Robredo now leads the war on drugs, will the killings really stop?

We have yet to see Robredo’s guts in the drive against illegal drugs, but so far, from what I heard, she said she’d handle the campaign, assuring there should be no killings or casualties. She said the war on drugs already claimed thousands of lives. In my mind are nothing but doubts. It is nearly impossible to have no casualties, whether from police or criminals, during operations since suspects are armed and may surely fight back if needed. Illegal drugs cannot be eliminated through persuasive talks and marches. Since Robredo is a fierce critic of the President, I think it’s just normal for her to do the opposite as a matter of pride and dignity.

The country needs intense discipline. We have countless freedoms. How can you discipline and rehabilitate a drug offender if you will treat them like a baby? Oftentimes, legality does not always mean good morality. I hope that Robredo, the new person to lead the drive against illegal drugs is in, will see how harsh the immense reality of the nature of illegal drugs in this country. (By Jake Flourence Camasura)