Tell it to SunStar: On class suit vs. PUP, FEU

the National Union of Students of the Philippines

WE vehemently condemn the efforts of the current administration to pressure school administrators into curtailing the democratic rights of students by eyeing potential lawsuits versus schools that “allow for the recruitment of students to NPA.” This is a blatant attack on the academic freedom of schools--an attempt at arm-twisting school administrators so as to force them to adopt “campus security measures” in accordance with the whims of repressive government officials. Worse, baseless accusations that so-and-so--especially legitimate student organizations--are communist fronts only ever endanger the lives of students, especially in a climate dictated by the fascist and trigger-happy Duterte regime.

The regime yet again proves that it does not want its students to think for themselves, singlehandedly defeating the purpose of education. This comes hand-in-hand with the varied and continuous attempts to militarize schools. The Union stands alongside the Filipino students in demanding for academic instutions to be kept safe and free from any military and police elements, as well as attacks on our academic rights.