Tell it to SunStar: Conversations with God

Chito E. Germino

I CAME across a book which I cannot help but share with the readers my comments about it.

It was titled “Conversations with God,” written by Neale Donald Walsh. It comprised Books I, II, III, and I haven’t got hold of Book IV yet. I have finished reading Book 1, am about to finish Book II.

According to the author, in the midst of his difficult situation in life, he wrote a letter to God and asked many questions as to why he is suffering. (Of course, there is no way to mail it). But God answered through automatic writing. He is a psychic. The author himself wrote God’s answers to his questions.

To me, the most amazing statement of “God” in Book I is that Hitler went to Heaven. Then in Book II, it was justified by “God” why Hitler went to Heaven.

It was because Hitler did not do wrong or evil. He just did. And his acts resulted in the beautiful deaths of six million Jews who became well-off in the after life.

I was forced to ask silently this question: If Hitler went to heaven, where did Mother Teresa go? If you cannot understand God’s justification of Hitler’s acts, the author alluded, you are not highly evolved as a spirit. Satan really has limitless means of confusing people. These books are interesting and amazing reading. I consider them religious fiction.