Tell It to SunStar: I dreamt of Jesus II

Chito Germino, Paknaan, Mandaue City

After I got slapped and realized I was dreaming. I went back to sleep. Then my dream recurred. “Lord, what do you mean by saying ‘Stan already won’?” I asked worriedly. “It seemed he won. But I can use force against Satan. I can comman thousands of angels. Archangel Michael is strong enough to defeat him. But there’ll be no challenge, no thrill,” Jesus said.

“How then would you like to defeat Satan?” I asked again. “I want people to personally defeat Satan!” Jesus said matter-of-factly. “How can we be strong enough to fight Satan?” I asked nervously.

“I just want to stick to the truth. True religion, true God, my true teachings. Only truth can break the power of a deceiver like Satan,” he said.

Then I got slapped again for talking in my sleep.