Tell it to SunStar: Drug cleared or drug-free?

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What’s the difference between “drug-cleared” and “drug-free?” Drug-free barangays are unaffected by drugs, no presence of drug personalities or illegal drug activities, thus the word “free” and it’s impossible because all 80 Cebu City barangays are affected with drugs as per Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency report.

Drug-cleared barangay are classified as previously drug affected and subjected to drug clearing operation and declared “cleared” from any illegal drug activities pursuant to the parameters set forth by Dangerous Drugs Board regulation Section 8: Parameters for declaring “Drug-cleared” status of drug-affected barangays.

When a barangay is declared “drug-cleared,” dili pasabot nga walay nakasulod or makasulod nga drogas (it doesn’t mean that no drugs were or are able to enter). Their respective Badacs (Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils), however, (with the help of local government units and law enforcers) should make sure that they are doing something to eradicate these illegal activities (i.e. planned operations, community rehabilitation for drug surrenderers, reformation facility for low-risk drug offenders such as the Balay Silangan; and conduct of educational campaigns on the ill effects of illegal drugs etc.).

Furthermore, it does not make them resistant nor safe from future possible drug activities. Hence, the barangay must be vigilant against these activities ug mas hugtan ang kampanya laban sa droga (and strengthen their anti-drug campaign); otherwise, they may lose their “drug-cleared” status.

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