Tell it to SunStar: My take on Duterte’s drug war

THE Duterte administration’s war on drugs has caused controversies in its execution and human rights activists cry foul every time they believe that due process is not followed when drug lords, drug pushers and drug addicts are killed. They averred that human life is sacred and only God has the right to terminate it. They said extrajudicial killings are obnoxious and anathema to the Divine. However, let’s look at this point of view in another perspective and travel down in time in biblical history.

In Noah’s time, the sins of the people against the Almighty are comparable to what today’s people are doing like corruption, sodomy, infidelity, etc. so that God caused the Great Flood that killed all the sinners except the family of Noah who God saw worthy. What can we say of the present generation? How many broken families, crimes committed, myriad of our youth’s future destroyed because of drugs? Also, did God not say in the scripture that: “If you cause my little ones to sin, better for you to tie a stone around your neck and cast yourself into the sea”?

Our youth are very dear, very much loved by the Lord so that He said, “Suffer the little ones to me, for unless a man becomes like one of these, they cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Let’s consider what’s happening in our country today. What would have happened had not President Rodrigo Duterte been elected to the presidency. Perhaps, many of our youth, even our own siblings would be roaming around dazed and doomed.

God is said to be the same yesterday and today. It might be that President Duterte is only made an instrument by the Almighty so that the havoc that drugs has made in our society and His “little ones” can be stopped. That’s my take. (Jose Hortelano, Balamban, Cebu)