Tell it to SunStar: Duterte for Vice President?

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The 76-year-old President Rodrigo R. Duterte is ready to pass his presidency to his successor next year. However, despite his repeated statements to let go of his political career at the end of his term, the call for him to continue refuses to die and fade away.

This is because members of his ruling political party, close friends, and political allies want him to run for the vice presidency. Under the 1987 Constitution, the President is ineligible for reelection. Thus he has valid reasons to retire from public office after serving for more than three decades from local to national positions.

Besides, is it not obvious that the President is tired physically and exhausted mentally from the daily routine and demands of his work? He has been working 24/7, performing his bound duties and responsibilities. The herculean tasks before him are arduous and endless.

Also, the President is a senior citizen with an underlying illness. Too much stress from work is not healthy at his age. He needs to relax and unwind from the insurmountable challenges of public service. He needs to break free from the work pressures, undying issues, and intrigues of dirty politics. It’s time for him to focus on his health and enjoy the remaining days of his life.

Further, he deserves a break after decades of a long political career. He has done enough for this country as a former prosecutor, mayor, congressman, and the President. He has nothing to prove to his countrymen anymore. To retire from politics and to be with his family is a noble and wise decision to make.

The President should resist the temptation of running for any public office because he has reached the highest position in the land. The call for him to run for Vice President is quite absurd and undignified for his stature.

His genuine friends and political allies must give him a break if they love him and have concern about his health and future. The next President or Vice President of this land doesn’t necessarily have to be Digong but can be anybody who can continue what he has started. It can also be somebody like him, tough and fearless!

Recently, the possibility to run for Vice President was welcomed by the President. His statement was a big surprise that baffles many. Such is necessary political leverage, according to the President. But I strongly believe it is a stratagem to weaken the divided opposition parties. In politics, nothing is certain and final until the last day of filing the certificate of candidacy.

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