Tell it to SunStar: Election fever

·1 min read

Election fever for 2022 has started. Months before the filing of certificates of candidacy and campaign period the loyal supporters of Sara Duterte, Bongbong Marcos, Leni Robredo, Bong Go, Manny Pacquiao, Gwen Garcia, and Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian posted tarpaulin ads in some strategic places in the countryside.

The ads don’t say much, but the message is quite clear. It is an advance public information drive for a political figure. The tarp ads do not contain the words “vote for” which technically cannot be classified as premature campaign materials.

Also, social media is being used indirectly as an advance campaign platform presenting political wannabes’ good intentions and plan for a necessary change. Some local artists sponsored by rich politicians are doing FB gimmicks and promos like giving away money, gifts and loads to entice the public.

The traditional attack of hurling dirty issues to a political opponent to destroy his name and reputation has started. Senator Pacquiao accused the Duterte administration of so much corruption more than the previous one.

The ambitious senator has learned to bite the hand of the man who raised his hand during the political campaign way back. In politics, there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies, only permanent interests.

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