Tell it to SunStar: Finding a Good Samaritan

Renester P. Suralta
·1 min read

THE pandemic isn’t over yet. Just as the people are about to rebuild their lives, a series of natural disasters strikes the country. The calamities damaged properties, livelihood, crops and killed people.

In post-disaster scenes, what the government can do to help the victims will be tested once again. How much calamity funds are left with the local government units to support their constituents? How about the national government?

We used to receive financial aid and material donations from foreign countries and multinational companies in the past. But many of these countries are also affected by the pandemic and have suffered terrible losses.

How about help from our very own wealthy lawmakers? The latest SALN record showed a dramatic increase in assets from our good senators and congressmen. With the election scheduled two years away, it’s high time and a noble thing for them to help people without strings attached.