Tell It to SunStar: God’s instrument?

By Isabel Escoda

IT BLOWS my mind how President Rodrigo Duterte’s media machine has brainwashed the minds of so many Filipinos. This could be attributed to the fact that most folks get their news spoonfed to them via the internet and via our poorly researched press. Also, that most folks have no means or don’t bother to access the other points of view from different sources. Or, more importantly, critical thinking is unfortunately an unknown quantity among large parts of our population.

Using “biblical times” and quoting scriptures as Jose Hortelano has done in his Jan. 5 opinion piece is a no-brainer.

To state that Duterte “is only made an instrument by the Almighty so that the havoc that drugs has made in our society, on our youth, even our own siblings, who would be roaming around dazed and doomed, can be stopped.”

First of all, has Mr. Hortelano forgotten the number of times Duterte insulted and blasphemed the church and claimed he doesn’t believe in God? How is it possible that he’s now “God’s instrument”?

This mindset from someone (whom one supposes is an educated man) is sad, if not downright laughable.