Tell it to SunStar: Help the MSMEs, please

·1 min read

By Frankie Gallego, Mandaue City

While I understand that our bigger businesses must be helped in a big way by government, I also hope that attention must also be given to our micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Our capital is so limited, and this pandemic has left us with so much debt while we support our workers’ salaries and still have to pay up loans.

I have read in the news that government will soon have a program to help us, but the big question is when will that be? They have not even identified yet where they will get the funds to help us.

And while they are drawing up the plans, our credits keep piling up and our rentals have been accumulating despite not operating in the past months.

We hope government can come up with urgent programs and assure us that help is on the way. We simply cannot go on by ourselves.