Tell it to SunStar: Hope

Oscar “Thirdy” Tan III
·1 min read

Hope is something you don’t expect to see

In a year without any certainty

But will we get out of this all unscathed?

And cross paths once more— no longer afraid?

At one point, it appeared impossible

But as time progressed, it now looks


So hope may probably still exist—

And our pursuit to find it must never desist.

Someday, we will all meet again.

It is not a matter of “if”; but “when”.

And once we can get back to face-to-face,

We will all be back within each other’s embrace.

So don’t lose hope, and don’t throw it away

A touch of optimism will show us the way

This crisis will disappear into the abyss;

But the hope we need will always exist.

(Oscar Francis Z. Tan III, the author of this poem, is an 18 year old grade 12 student from Cebu Doctors’ University. He is currently taking the HUMSS strand, preparing him for a future law career. He previously studied in St. Benedict Childhood Education Centre from 2005-2019. He contributes opinion and sports articles to SunStar since 2014. He is also a church organist at Redemptorist Church and Asilo dela Milagrosa.)