Tell It to SunStar: Jesus’ forgiveness

By Chito Germino

I have seen and heard a priest, before celebrating a mass for his own deceased mother, said, “Sige lang gyud tang pakasala no, kay sige man sab og pasaylo atong Diros (We are always committing sins because God always forgives us)”.

He brain-washed the listeners with his warped and twisted teaching.

If Jesus really offered to forgive sinners no matter how repeatedly they sin, then Jesus would not have said, “Do not sin again” and “Be perfect just like my Father in heaven is perfect.”

Jesus would not have said, “Eat the bread of life so you will not be hungry again.” And “Drink the water of life so you will not be thirsty again.”

You can be forgiven only if you stop sinning. Never listen to a twisted teaching of any false preacher.