Tell it to SunStar: The Joey that I know

Atty. Benjamin Militar
·2 min read

ANYBODY who met Joey Wee would find him unforgetable. He loomed large not merely figuratively (he was a large burly guy) but also intellectually. In my early encounters with him (although we never met in court) he would sidle up to you and start discussing law either about his pending cases or current legal questions that were the topic of the day. In gathering among lawyer friends, his opinions always reflected well thought of legal grounds that always were food for discussion. A former associate related that he was relentness in his rigid sternness on the quality of pleadings which they could not complain because he himself worked as hard on the strength of pleadings. He was as thorough in the conduct of trial work.

We were together in a legal consultation regarding a complicated prospective case with several lawyers which centered on what relief should be availed of. His thoughts were organized and bold.

He always talked of the law until recently when concerned about his weight, he began to work on losing weight and dieting with the same compulsive dedication he put on his legal work.

Using a mountain bike and a work station and a severe diet (only a banana and water in the morning), he lost easily between 50 and 70 pounds. And he looked very toned, maintaining a physical and work regimen consistently and which changed the subject of our conversations. Weight became an obsession and I admired his dedication.

One anecdote about his trial work was when legal arguments with a respected experienced lady practitioner became so lively that a recess was called for the lady lawyer to answer a call of nature. Joey followed her continuing his argument which prompted the lady to comment, “Hoy, Joey, undangi na ko kay mangihi pa ko.”

That was the Joey I knew. I will miss him.