Tell it to SunStar: Was ‘kill them all’ figure of speech?

·1 min read

So the figure of speech “kill them all” spawned killings after killings? The drug war’s bloodiest murders of the poor are just an offshoot of a figure of speech?

We challenge [former President Rodrigo] Duterte and his faithful follower-turned-apologist Bato (Sen. Ronald dela Rosa), to face the ICC and allow your narrative to be subjected to a court that would listen to the testimonies and evidence of the victims.

Now apologist Harry Roque also spins that Duterte will face any local court. This is all bluster, more spin, and figures of speech. What do they have to fear?

The government has a responsibility to care for the people, to value human life and rights, and to protect and promote the socioeconomic welfare of every citizen.

Killing is a crime.

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