Tell it to SunStar: The new Marcos

THE outrageous display of power yesterday at UP Cebu by police in riot gear and SWAT teams is an obvious prelude to martial law.

Students were protesting with placards, not arms, but were attacked by the police on the pretext that they were endangering public health by exposing themselves to the pandemic. The police broke the law by entering the university gates. Seven students were arrested and taken away, a disgusting act on the part of the authorities.

The socially aware students were voicing their opposition to the newly passed anti-terrorist bill which gives Duterte sweeping powers to arrest and detain those deemed as “terrorists” but who, in reality, are those who dare to criticize the administration.

Why does all this now seem a replay of what Marcos unleashed with his martial law over two decades ago? Or is that a futile question, since we all know Duterte has long admired the late dictator and his clan?