Tell it to SunStar: The only truth

By Chito Germino, Paknaan, Mandaue City

IN the Bible Exposition of Bro. Eli Soriano, it will not take you about 30 minutes to observe that he is confused and mixed up. Of course, his fans or followers would also be confused.

He always mention that the Bible is the truth that contains Jesus’s doctrines. But he seldom cites the words of Jesus. He frequently cites the letters of Paul, Peter and John. These apostles’ words cannot be mixed with the words of Jesus, because their letters are mere opinions and speculations.

Jesus’s words are the only truth and must not be contaminated with the words of mere apostles. Bro. Eli Soriano almost always cite Paul’s letters without knowing that he was a Pharisee, an anti-Christ planted by Satan.

Paul’s doctrines contradicted Jesus’s teachings. Jesus would not recruit someone who would contradict him. Paul was converted by Satan disguised as Jesus Christ. Paul lied about his conversion three times.

Jesus wanted to uphold the Law of Moses. Paul wanted to abolish it. Jesus preached good works.

Paul said there is no need of good works. He also advocated for the abolition of circumcision which was decreed by God as everlasting ritual for mankind. Jesus warned against the false teachings of any Pharisee.

Jesus’s teachings are the only truth.